5 Best Weight Lifting Gloves for Calluses (with Wrist Support)

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I remember when I was dropping my little brother off to class. Whilst I was holding his hand he said, “What’s that on your hand?”.

I told him it was dry skin because I was lifting weights. He told me he didn’t like that I had that dry skin and made his hand feel uncomfortable.

This is when I knew I had to prevent calluses because it was troubling the people who I hold hands with.

If you’re with your partner, you don’t want them to be turned off when you’re holding their hands.

You don’t want them to feel uncomfortable when you’re caressing their face or wherever ;).

Nothing will kill the mood more than feel rough, dry skin.

The only thing that’s going to be going on in their mind is, “what the hell is that on their hand?”. Trust me, you don’t want to be put in these situations.

That’s why in this post, I’ll be revealing the best weight lifting gloves for calluses.

1. Skott Evo weight lifting gloves

Prevents calluses


The reason why you want these gloves is to prevent dry skin.

Well that’s exactly what these gloves can do for you very easily. When you put these gloves on, you’ll instantly realize they’re very well padded.

This is going to help prevent friction and your hands from rubbing. And that’s literally it.

These gloves will easily, quickly, and painlessly prevent any dry skin from forming.

Some lifting gloves that I’ve worn still didn’t prevent the dry skin. The reason for this is because I was lifting really heavy and have a super tight grip.

The friction went through the gloves and started to rub my skin together.

You’ll be pleased to know that these gloves are padded very well. So if you’re going for super heavyweight and using a rough bar…

…this will still prevent any dry skin from forming.

Extra grip


When you workout, you want to make sure the weight is being held securely.

The last thing you want is your hand to slip and end up dropping the weights.

This actually happened to me once…

…I had some lifting gloves on and was training my triceps. When suddenly the weight just slipped right out of my gloves.

You can rest easy knowing that this will not happen to you as long as you’re wearing these gloves. They’re anti-slip and will help you prevent injuries.

Integrated wrist straps

Thinking about buying wrist straps? Well there’s no need because you get integrated wrist straps in these gloves.

Using wrist straps can easily make you stronger. Wrist straps prevent the weight from being put on the fingers and makes sure it’s distributed around your forearms.

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If you’re doing deadlifts, training traps, and benching, wrist straps are a must.


Super comfortable

When you workout, you want to make sure your hands feel comfortable.

This is critical since your hands will be doing a lot of the work.

There’s actually strategically placed gel which is going to help with the grip and comfortability.

As you wear these gloves, they will mould to your hand’s shape and make sure it’s completely snug on your skin.

Easily washable


As you lift, your gloves are going to become smelly.

You’re touching so many things and you’re sweating all over the place.

You can easily put these gloves in the washing machine or dryer and they won’t shrink. Cleaning your gloves couldn’t be easier.

Made to last

These gloves were made to last for years to come.

You can throw these gloves around, get a little rough with them and they’ll still be functional.

You can rest knowing that you made a nice little investment and it’s going to pay off for years.

No stains

When your hands get sweaty, this can take the color from the gloves and stain your hands.

This only happens with low quality gloves. The Skott Evo weight lifting gloves are premium and won’t cause any stains.

What users are saying about the best weight lifting gloves for calluses

There are many users saying that these are the best weight lifting gloves they’ve ever tried.

It ticks all the boxes and provides everything a person could want in lifting gloves. The material is durable and it’s helped people gain more reps.

The grip is excellent, the material is durable, the velcro is good quality, and the wrist straps are excellent.

These gloves are well cushioned and will definitely prevent calluses.


2. Ventilated Weight Lifting Gym Workout Gloves

[Link to the product]

The palm of these workout gloves by ihuan features foam padding and will reduce the impact on your hands when in the gym working with the weights. They are made with silicon printed neoprene which is known for durability against dangerous chemicals, water, oils, heat, and aging. 

They are less prone to tears and ripping during the most extreme workouts which makes them the ideal choice for athletes that train a lot. Your hands will also stay comfortable and dry with its breathable ultralight microfiber fabric making sweaty hands a thing of the past. 

These workout gloves offer your hand’s full palm protection from blisters and calluses while the wrist support provides stabilization and protection when lifting heavy weights. One of the unique things about these gloves is that if you’re not fully satisfied with them, for any reason, you will get a full refund.

Great for any Workout: These gloves are suitable for men, women, teenagers, and adults, no matter what the exercise, pull-ups, weight lifting, and general workouts.

Double-Line Sewing: Improvements were made to these gloves to reduce tearing by using double-line sewing which extends the life of the gloves, saving you money.


  • Great support for the wrists
  • Ideal for anyone with smaller wrists


  • Thick padding may interfere with wearing a fitness tracker

3. Breathable Workout Gloves

[Link to the product]

Hands down one of the best options available on the market are the Kansoon Breathable Workout Gloves. To easily buffer the effects of weight lifting machines, they are made with extra grip and palm protection. 

You can say goodbye to calluses and torn hands while wearing these gloves to protect your hands and make the most of your workout sessions. These lightweight gloves are designed to fit most hands and are made from a breathable material and they’re great at reducing sweaty hands. 

To help you get a good grip of the bar, the palms of the gloves have a series of stripes that are made from silicone. If you’re one of the many experienced gym goers that enjoy the feel of the bar in your hands, you will really enjoy the feel of these gloves. This is the perfect pair of gloves if you’re looking to protect your hands and improve your grip.

Enhanced Protection: Made with perfect freedom and breathability during your workout, the gloves are made with a hollow-out back design with perforated microfiber mesh.

Stability: These workout gloves are made with a cushioned pad and anti-slip silica points, which increases the friction with the weights.

Durable: The durability of these gloves will protect your hands from friction with the double-layer design.

Breathable Design: Lycra was used on the back of the gloves to make them even more breathable and freeing.


  • Durable microfiber
  • Adjustable wrist straps
  • Excellent grip
  • Slim fit


  • No additional padding
  • Sizes are a little small

4. Vinsguir Workout Gloves for Men & Women

[Link to the product]

The people at Vinsguir have really taken a unique path to create these workout gloves. To make sure that they are going to be a good fit for everyone, they have combined the best in physiology research and tens of thousands of data samples from consumers to make these gloves as ergonomic as possible according to the palm’s acupoints. 

This has made the gloves more scientifically proven to protect your hands. Your hands will be protected from blisters and calluses with foam pads on the palms. The anti-slip, silica points provide reliable stability and grip during the most extensive movements during your workouts. 

Thanks to the wear-resistant double-layer stitching, these gloves are more durable and last much longer. The back of the gloves is made of an elastic lycra fabric that feels good on your skin. 

Thanks to the open curve design, there is a great amount of breathability when you put them on that also allows your hands to move as needed so you can get the best possible grip on your weights or machine.

All-Purpose: These gloves are suitable for a wide variety of exercises, making them the perfect fit for any athlete.

Extended Warranty: With a 24-month guarantee you rest assured that Vinsguir stands behind their gloves.

Easy to Wear: The adjustable hook strap allows you to adjust the gloves according to your level of comfort.


  • Comfortable
  • Allows your hands to breath
  • Great for all exercises
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Sizes fit smaller

5. Finger Weight Lifting Gloves

[Link to the product]

One of the best workout gloves for any exercise is from DiBear. They are made with lycra and microfiber and a thickened silicone, this combination of materials protects your palms from calluses and bruises and is also comfortable to wear and lightweight. 

The back of the gloves are made with a breathable mesh that helps to distribute heat evenly and absorbs sweat. The silicone gel stripes on the palms provide a great grip, they are also made with an adjustable wrist band and a friendly design for every user. 

Speaking of the wrist straps, the support that they give can provide full protection to your hands and arms from sprains. The thick, compressive material surrounding the palms will act as a great buffer from the impact of any exercise machine that you are using during your workout session.

100% Durability: The high-quality materials used to make these gloves allows your hands to stay comfortable and dry while also lasting for many gym sessions.

Anti-slip Grip: Perfect for getting the proper grip so you can be confident during your exercises and not worry about any slipping weights.

Innovative Design: These gloves were made with the user in mind. Thanks to the finger loops, they are easy to put on and take off.

Your Best Exercise Partner: The DiBear gloves are excellent for women, men, teens, and adults for multiple exercises such as pull-ups, weight lifting, general workouts, and gym training.


  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Completely covers fingers and palm
  • Velcro strap is strong and adjustable
  • Flexible design


  • Some users say they’re too thin
  • Smaller sizing


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