What Happens if You Take Pre Workout Without Working Out?

If you take a pre workout without working out, your heart rate may increase, get tingling sensations on your face and feel an increase in energy. Or the pre workout may do nothing for you. It depends on the ingredients, if the pre workout is high in caffeine you will get a boost in energy.

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The daily use of pre workout will actually destroy the pre workout’s ability to provide you an energy boost. You see, when you start taking stimulants such as caffeine, sugar, pre workout supplements etc. with constant use, your body will get used to it and it’ll lose its effects.

You won’t feel that same burst in energy if you’re constantly taking your pre workout. It’s recommended to cycle on and off pre workouts. For example, you’ve been taking your pre workout every time you workout, give it a break for at least a week.

Unless you only lift occasionally like the weekends exclusively, then you don’t need to take a break because you’re not taking it often enough to get used to it.

Should I take a pre workout on off days?

No, you should not take a pre workout on off days. This is due to the lack of nutritional value inside of pre workout supplements and the high stimulants. Taking a pre workout everyday will reduce its effectiveness to stimulate your workouts.

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As mentioned above, you should cycle on and off your pre workout. By using it everyday, it shall lose its stimulating effects because your body will get used to it.

If you’re thinking about taking a pre workout on off days because it contains creatine and BCAA, don’t do it. Because it contains very little of the both of them.

Instead, get a separate BCAA and creatine supplement so you’re not receiving any unnecessary stimulants.

Can you take a pre workout as an energy drink?

Yes, you can take a pre workout as an energy drink. As long as the pre workout has caffeine in it, it will give you a boost in energy. However, a pre workout may not be as effective as an energy drink because the energy drink may contain more stimulants such as more caffeine and sugar.

Chances are, your pre workout will have more stimulating effects than your energy drink. So taking a pre workout before work, during and after most likely is not effective. Save your pre workout for when you actually go to the gym.

Remember, your body will get used to its stimulating effects if you’re always using it.

If used in large quantities, it can raise your blood pressure and create heart rhythm abnormalities.


There are some stimulant free pre workouts or at least that’s what the labels will lead you to believe. It’s like when your protein powder says “sugar free” but it’s got stevia in it which is also a type of sugar.

So be careful when the label says ‘stimulant’ or ‘sugar’ free because that probably isn’t the case.

If you’re constantly having to rely on a stimulant to provide you with energy for whatever task you’re trying to complete, you’re programming your body to become a slave to stimulants.

Making it rely on supplements in order to output energy.

Just like eating a piece of chocolate won’t make you fat, having the occasional pre workout to give you a boost in energy won’t ruin you.

What to do if you take too much pre workout

If you’ve taken too much pre workout, you should immediately stop consuming any stimulants such as coffee & sugar. Drinking water can help relieve pre workout induced jitters, practice deep breathing to lower your heart rate. Wait it out and let your body naturally flush the stimulants out.

You should also get your body moving, exercise can help relieve anxiety and jitters.

Make sure to practice deep breathing. Taking a calm and paused deep breath will help lower your heart rate. Take 5 – 10 minutes to breathe and meditate to relieve your nervous system.

Remember to take the amount prescribed on the pre workout’s packaging and going over will be at your own risk. Everyone has a different tolerance towards stimulants. Personally, coffee and sugar can easily give me a high. [1]

It all depends on your body.