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Are you looking for the best pre workout to get the pump and focus?

Well you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what I’ll be going over in this post.

I remember when I would only occasionally get the pump and that hyperfocus state.

Whenever I got into this state, my workouts went incredibly well. I completed all the reps I set for myself and would even lift a little heavier.

the pump

My muscles would feel fuller because I had pumped so much blood into them. This would cause my muscles to expand and grow.

It really was an amazing feeling. I felt both great in the gym and outside the gym. To be honest, I felt pretty proud of myself.

Whenever I really struggled to get the pump and just felt like crap, it was really annoying.

I would ask myself, “How can I reactivate that state I was in? How did I do it in the first place?”

If you’re asking the same types of questions as I was, then I’ve got good news for you…

…after much research, I’ve found the best pre workout to help you get super focussed and get that insane pump.

It’s called the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre Workout.

Contains beta alanine

Beta alanine is one of the key ingredients for you to obtain the pump.

You see, the way you achieve the pump is to pump as much blood into the muscle. But when you do this, it can be very uncomfortable because you feel that burning sensation.

What beta alanine does is help numb that burning sensation so you can literally keep pumping blood into the muscles.

It can also cause that tingling sensation. I don’t know about you but I love it when I get that tingling sensation.


You feel like you’re transforming into some kind of beast and you’re ready to go crazy in your workout.

Contains creatine

Creatine is one of the most researched and tested supplements out there. After much testing, researchers have found that creating is a proven way to improve your performance in the gym.

You’ll gain strength, muscle mass, muscle endurance, resistance to fatigue, and improved recovery times.

No crashing

Don’t you hate that whenever you take a pre workout, you’ll eventually crash? Me too!

I hate knowing that as soon as I finish my workout, the rest of my day will be ruined because I feel so tired.

You’ll be pleased to know that you won’t crash when you take this supplement.

I personally used to take this pre workout where I would feel a little depressed later on. It would cause this weird feeling in my stomach that made me feel so bad.

It gave me energy in the gym but I would later feel so unbelievably tired. I would struggle to keep my eyes open.

You can rest knowing that you won’t experience that kind of side effect with this pre workout.


Multiple delicious flavours

delicious expression

The Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre Workout does not only do good but also tastes good. Everyone has been saying how good this tastes.

It comes in 6 flavours:

  1. Blueberry Lemonade
  2. Fruit Punch
  3. Green Apple
  4. Pineapple
  5. Strawberry
  6. Watermelon

Each flavour really is a joy to drink and you’ll be looking forward to having this.

There’s nothing like having a cool, refreshing pre workout.

Banned substance tested

natural way to gain weight

You can trust that the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre Workout is not putting anything toxic into your body.

It has been tested for any banned substances.

If you’re a health nut like me then this pre workout is for you.



This is one of the most affordable pre workouts out there on the market.

You can very easily get your hands on this without having to kill your bank account.

Your account won’t take a hit and the product will last you a while. What more could you ask for?

What users are saying about the best pre workout for pump and focus…

Users have been saying that the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre Workout has helped them improve their performance and get in a better workout.

It helps you focus and really get a pump going.

People have been saying it’s their go-to supplement because it contains only clean ingredients and actually works.

It tastes amazing and is an effective way to improve your performance. It mixes very easily into the water and is a pleasure to drink.

Do you work in construction? After your hard day of work do you feel like skipping the gym?

This pre workout will help get you in the zone and into beast mode.


Best pre workout for pump and focus F.A.Q

Q: Where can I get this from?
A: You can order it online on Amazon through this link.

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