What Time Should I Take Pre Workout? Answered

You should take a pre workout 20 minutes before your workout. This is because the typical pre workout supplement recommends this time. However, not all pre workouts follow this, the best thing to do is read the label and see what the manufacturer recommends.

After 1 hour of consuming your pre workout, you will have peaked in terms of your energy output. You’ll still have a boost from the pre workout an hour later but it won’t be at the same level.

Should I take pre workout in the morning?

Yes, you should take a pre workout in the morning if you’re working out in the morning. However, pre workout supplements should not be used to wake you up in the mornings because it’s not optimal. They contain multiple stimulants, stick to coffee for waking yourself up.

If you workout in the morning, allow your body an hour to wake up by itself and then give it a stimulant like pre workout or coffee. Of course, that’s if you’re able to wait an hour.

Can I take a pre workout on an empty stomach? 

Yes, you can, however, it may upset your stomach depending on the pre workout you take. It’s best practice to eat something first and then take your pre workout. This way you’re preventing an upset stomach and you’ll still be stimulated by the pre workout.

Should I take pre workout in the evening?

You should avoid taking a pre workout in the evening because most pre workouts contain caffeine and caffeine can stay in your system for up to 10 hours after it’s consumed. However, if you take a pre workout that’s caffeine free, it may prevent you from being stimulated hours later.

It’s not worth risking your sleep over more energy in the gym, you’ll probably regret it. Instead have a small meal filled with carbs such as oats and a banana before your workout. Drink some juice during your workout to keep you going.

Keep in mind the amount of caffeine will affect how long the pre workout is in your system as well.

Remember, sleep is needed to build muscle.

Should I take pre workout at night?

No, a pre workout should not be taken at night because pre workout supplements contain stimulants which can negatively affect your sleep if you plan on going to sleep soon after your workout.

To get a kick from your night workouts and not have your sleep interrupted, eat some oats. Oats are a great source of energy and it will fill your muscles with glycogen. 

Have a sugary juice like orange juice to go along with your workout and during your workout to get a boost.

How long does pre workout last?

The typical pre workout will last 30 minutes to 2 hours after it’s been consumed and will typically take 20 minutes for you to start noticing its effects. If too much pre workout is taken your energy levels will crash, leaving you feeling drowsy, this can last multiple hours and even the next day.

If your gym is far away from you, just pack your pre workout instead of drinking it before leaving the house.

If it makes things easier, you can dry scoop the pre workout. Put it in a container and on your way to the gym, you can eat it. Make sure to have a water source to help you swallow it.

Should I take pre workout everyday?

No, you should not take pre workout everyday as you can get used to its energy boosting effects. This often occurs in coffee drinkers, after consistent consumption of coffee, it’s not as stimulating as their first few times. You should cycle on & off pre workout to maintain its stimulating effects.

It’s safe to take a pre workout everyday, the danger usually comes when you’re taking more than the recommended dose. Read the packaging and see what the manufacturers recommend.

I’ve personally crashed and I mean CRASHED after taking a couple of scoops of a certain pre workout. I crashed so hard I felt really down, sad and maybe depressed. I felt so incredibly bad.

The crash lasted 2 whole days! I eventually just threw the pre workout away, it gave me a small boost but the crash just wasn’t worth it.