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Are you looking for a protein bar that’s healthy and tastes delicious?

Do you want a protein bar that can satisfy your sugar cravings?

Well look no further because, in this post, I’ll be doing a Maximuscle Promax lean bars review.

Smells great

When you first tear open the packaging and have a little sniff at the bar. It’s very nice and a satisfying chocolaty smell.

Very soft

When I first bit into the bar, I was shocked at how soft it was. Very shocked actually. It didn’t feel like a jaw workout whilst chewing, unlike all these other protein bars I’ve tried.

High in protein

Each bar contains 20g of protein. This is a massive accomplishment since the Maximuscle Promax bar is fairly small.

I found that the average amount of protein a scoop of protein powder contains is 20g. You’re getting everything you need in this bar.

Low in sugar

This bar only contains 1.6g of sugar per bar. So you can rest knowing that you won’t be stuffing your mouth with sugary foods when that’s what you were trying to avoid.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea contains antioxidants which can help prevent various health problems. Green tea is also good for the brain, it’s proven to protect brain cells and increase brain function. [1]


So that was the Maximuscle Promax lean bars review.

Maximuscle Promax lean bars review F.A.Q

Q: Are there any side effects?
A: I have eaten several of these bars and I’ve never had any side effects like stomach pain

Q: Where can I get these bars from?
A: You can purchase these bars safely on Amazon through this link.


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