Is Cereal Good Before A Workout?

Yes, cereal can be good before a workout depending on which one you consume. Cereals contain a lot of carbohydrates which provide glycogen to the muscle. The glycogen fills the muscles and provides you with energy.

Cereal is a fantastic way to get some quick carbohydrates into your system. Some of my favorites include:

  • Rice krispies
  • Cornflakes
  • Oats

The above cereals are amazing when it comes to pumping your muscles for an intense and explosive workout. This is due to them being high in carbohydrates but low in sugar. So your energy levels won’t spike and crash during your workout.

They also taste great when you add a little sweetener to it and cost very little.

Best cereal to eat after a workout

The best cereal to eat after a workout should be high in protein and carbohydrates such as Weetabix Protein Crunch, Granola, and oats. You can also mix some flavorless protein powder with milk and pour that into a bowl of cereal.

  • Weetabix Protein Crunch
  • Granola
  • Oats
  • Protein Crispies by My Protein

When you’re in the supermarket and you’re looking at the cereals, look at the macros. The cereal should be low in sugar but high in carbohydrates and protein. These are the best types of cereals to eat after a workout.

But keep in  mind that per 100g, cereal doesn’t contain a lot of protein. You’ll be lucky to find a cereal with 10g of protein per 100g. Anything between 7-10 grams of protein is pretty good for a cereal.

Is Weetabix good before a workout?

Yes, Weetabix is good before a workout as it’s high in carbohydrates and low in sugar. The carbohydrates will provide glycogen to your muscles, giving your muscles energy and allowing for an intense workout. It also contains 4.5g of protein per serving (2 biscuits). 

Even though this isn’t a lot of protein, it will still give you a small boost. And you’ll probably eat more than 2 biscuits as Weetaxbix can be a lite cereal if you don’t allow it to thicken.

Weetbix Nutrition per 100g

Are Cheerios good before a workout?

Cheerios is high in sugar and should be avoided before a workout, especially if your insulin spikes easily. Depending on how your body reacts to sugar and how much volume you consume, eating Cheerios before a workout can cause your energy level to crash during a workout.

Cheerios Nutrition per 100g

If all you’ve got in the cupboard are cheerios, then a 50g serving will do the trick whilst not spiking your insulin super high to the point you crash.

Are Rice Krispies good before a workout?

Yes, Rice Krispies are good before a workout as they’re high in carbohydrate and low in sugar. This will fuel your muscles with glycogen, allowing you to have a more intense workout. And the lack of sugar means you won’t get a sudden drop in your energy levels.

Since Rice Krispies are incredibly lite, you won’t feel full and bloated during your workout. The Rice Krispies break down and digest very easily. Your body is easily and quickly able to absorb the energy it provides.

Rice Krispies Cereal Nutrition Per 100g

Some people eat Rice Krispie treats, which are cereal bars, before a workout. You shouldn’t do this because of the high sugar contents within the cereal bars. You’ll get a short sugar boost from the Rice Krispie treats but you may feel a sharp decline in energy.

I would rather not risk it.

Are Corn Flakes good before a workout?

Corn Flakes are a great pre workout snack thanks to it being high in carbohydrates and low in sugar. Corn Flakes are made up from Maize, barley malt extract, sugar, and salt. So it’s safe to consume and won’t give you a sugar crash during your workout. 

Thanks to its high level of carbohydrates, your body is fueled with glycogen, filling up the muscles and allowing you to have an explosive workout.

Corn Flakes Nutrition Per 100g

Is oatmeal good before a workout?

Oatmeal is incredibly helpful to have before a workout. Oatmeal is high in carbohydrates and low in sugar. This allows your muscles to be filled with glycogen, pumping up the muscles and providing you with the energy to aid your workout.


You can eat oatmeal in so many ways, you can cut up some fruit and throw it in for some added flavor.

The only downside is oatmeal is thick and can fill you up quickly. Personally, I don’t like to feel full when exercising.