Best Critical Bench Review - 10 Weeks of Use (MY RESULTS!)
286 views · Feb 21, 2022
Looking for the best Critical bench review? In this video, I review the Critical bench 2.0 program and tell you if it's actually worth it. I've been using this program for 10 weeks and show you my results.


"When people find out you lift, immediately you will be asked: “How much can you bench?”

I can’t begin to tell you the number of people that have asked me this question and I’m ashamed to say I didn’t even answer their question.

You see, I didn’t even bench in the first place.

I know right, what kind of lifter doesn’t bench press?

I remember going to the gym and was always afraid to even start benching.


Because I was extremely weak, I thought to myself, “The weights I put on the bar will look puny, what will people think?”

Do you know what made it worse?

The girl I had a crush on went to the same gym as me, in fact, she worked there.

She could even lift more than me! No joke, she probably could.

I felt like a puny little dweeb.

I was strong on other chest exercises like cross cables but I couldn’t bench if my life depended on it.

No matter if you’re a beginner or expert, this program will increase your bench press.

You’re told everything you need about lifting. Whether you’re lifting to get strong, to look good or both.

This program lays it all out for you in a 10 week training cycle. The training cycle will include your entire body, not just your chest.

This program exposes which muscles are critical to your bench and which muscles that don’t matter as much. You’ll be shocked by what you find, I know I was.

It shows you exactly which muscle groups you should be training with set days. The program does this to ensure maximum and efficient muscles and power gains.

This program goes so deep it tells you which part of the muscle group you should train before the other. I was pleasantly surprised and was glad I had learned these things.

This knowledge definitely made my lifts much stronger.

I found easy to implement techniques in this program which increased my bench at least 10 – 15 LBS before I even benched!

If you’re currently at a plateau then you need to learn these techniques. I can’t reveal them here of course because that would fall under the copyright law.

People don’t realize this but the bench requires much more than just your chest and arms.

This program will show you exactly how to use the rest of your body to increase your bench legally.

Do you suffer from aches and pains when you lift? This program will help get rid of that."

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