How to Eat More Food for Skinny Guys [14 Tips]

Are you a skinny guy that’s struggling to put on weight?

Well, you’ve come to the right place because, in this post, I’ll be going over how to eat more food for skinny guys.

1. Eat calorie dense food


Eating calorie dense food is the key to eating more. It’s a more efficient way of consuming calories. 

Let’s say you have a full stomach of salad VS a full stomach of chicken. You’re going to have a lot more calories in that chicken.

Milk is another dense food. It’s filled with calories but not super thick. You can have a big glass of milk and still stay hungry.

Calorie dense foods:

  • Oats
  • Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Nuts
  • Ramen noodles
  • Fries (healthy oven cooked)
  • Potatoes

2. Drink your calories


It’s a lot easier to drink your calories than it is to chew it. Afterall, all the chewing has been done to the finest degree possible.

All you have to do is pour it into your mouth and you’ll be racking up calories.

PRO TIP: Blend your calorie dense foods and make a meal.

I like to make protein pancakes and I get 1,500 calories from my breakfast.

The best part?

I’m not a big eater! My eating capacity is child-like, that’s how small it is!

Here’s the recipe for my delicious, easy to eat pancakes:

  • 2 eggs
  • 70g of blended oats
  • 8g of organic cocoa powder
  • 45g of tasteless protein powder
  • 20g of honey
  • 100ml of whole milk
  • 1 Banana
  • Protein spread

Blend all of these ingredients together except from the protein spread and cook it on the pan. I like to only blend half of the banana and cut up the rest on my pancakes. I also like to spread a protein spread and drizzly low fat peanut butter on my pancakes too.

You can also add some chocolate chips in.Get creative!

I also have a big glass of whole milk with it. This easily gets me to 1,500 calories just on breakfast and the pancake is super soft and delicious.

A mass gainer is another great option. Here’s what mine looks like:

  • Bananas
  • Oats
  • Milk
  • Yogurt
  • Eggs
  • Frozen strawberry and berries (masks the taste)

These are also all calorie dense foods (except for the frozen fruit) which you can blend and easily drink.

And I get hungry after about 3 hours so I’m starving for my next meal!

3. Make the healthier versions of the foods you love

Mint Chocolate Chip Protein Fudge Brownie Bar

If you’re anything like me, you love brownies with peanut butter drizzled on top. Mmmm, my mouth is already watering as I’m writing this listening to some beats.

If you love a particular food, chances are, there’s a healthy version of it. 

And I will admit, the healthier option doesn’t taste the best 100% of the time. For example, I love cookie dough, I searched up healthy cookie dough recipies. Gave them a try and do you know what happened?

They were very mediocre.


It’s not like this every time. You can get some really amazing tasting stuff that tastes just as good as the original.

This brownie recipe for example was amazing:

Search up healthy mug cakes and you’ll find some killer recipes like these:

I like to add things like low fat whip cream and peanut butter on top of my mug brownies.

4. Meat is great

grilled chicken

Meat is incredibly dense in calories. Let’s say you have a cup of chicken breast and a cup of spinach. Which one do you think is the most calorie dense?

The chicken, of course.

So if you find that veggies keep filling you up quickly, replace some of it with some meat. Of course, you still want to eat your veggies, just remember that they’ll fill you up quicker.

“One cup of raw spinach contains : 7 calories. 0.86 grams” Source

One cup of chicken breast has 240 calories.

Quite a difference.

5. Prep your food

If you’re bulking, you’re going to be throwing a lot of food down your throat. If you don’t have anything ready to eat, you’re going to be spending a lot of time cooking and cleaning.

So batch your food out. If you’re cooking some chicken breast, why not cook a bit more so you can have it tomorrow?

I know, it won’t taste as good fresh no matter how you season and cook it but still, it’s better than having to start the whole cooking process.

Try cold foods. You can cook up some tuna pasta mayonnaise. In fact, that’s what I cooked yesterday and had today.

Have a sandwich ready to go, a chicken salad, the list is endless.

6. Eat first then drink

When you start drinking before you eat, it will expand your stomach and make you feel full quicker. [1]

So instead, eat first and then drink. This is something that I’ve been doing for years and has helped me massively.

7. Learn how to actually cook

It’s going to suck bulking up if your cooking sucks. So learn how to cook. There are so many ways to learn. 

A quick YouTube search is the most efficient and popular way. Buy a cookbook, heck, take a cooking class! It’s fun and you’ll learn a lot.

And just be warned… There’s going to be a lot of trial and error when it comes to this.

You’re going to burn things and end up eating something that’s actually raw. You’ll think you season that chicken but it’s going to taste like you just boiled it.

That’s all part of the experience and you’ll be grateful you actually learned how to cook.

8. Track your calories

When I was bulking (thought I was bulking), I just ate as much as I could. But one day I wanted to know how much I was actually eating.

So I decided to track my calories and found that I was massively under-eating. That’s why the scale was going up and down and I wasn’t making any gains.

It was only because I tracked my calories I figured this out. To track my calories I used an app called My Fitness Pal. It’s really easy to use, just scan the barcode of a product and it will show you the calories.

9. Train harder


When you train harder, you work up more of an appetite. So it’s go hard or go home.

Pick up them weights up and bang them out. Ya-na-I-mean?!

What are some things that will make me train hard?

Going to the gym – If you’re lifting from home, it’s just now the same. Your environment matters. It’s a lot harder to get in the zone.

Eating healthy – If you’re eating a bunch of junk food, you’re not giving your body what it needs in order to perform. Have foods that are high in complex carbs and protein.

Resting – Getting an adequate amount of rest if going to help you massively when working out. You need to have energy stored before you go balls-deep inside of the weights.

Have a stimulant – Drinking something like coffee or a pre workout can help give you an energy boost. But be careful because something like an energy will cause your energy levels to crash.

Go to failure – If you can only do 5 reps, you may not be working as hard as you could. It can also help to lighten the load if you’re constantly going heavy. Pick a moderate weight. One where you can’t just do 1 – 3 reps but get to 10 – 15.