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Do you want an epic protein spread?

Well you’re in luck because, in this post, I’ll be doing a Grenade carb killa spread review.

The Grenade carb killa spread has received many raving reviews. People saying they pulled out a spoon and ate the spread just like that.

When I saw these reviews, I thought, can this protein spread really be that good?

So I decided to pull the plug and order all of the types of spreads available.


Grenade Carb Killa Spread comes in 4 different flavours, Hazel Nutter, White chocolate cookie, Jaffa Quake and Milk Chocolate. The most popular being Hazel Nutter, commonly referred to as a healthier version of Nutella. One serving is 33g and 7g of that is protein and it’s gluten free.

Here’s the video I made:

When I first opened the jar, there wasn’t much of a smell to any of them. Except for the jaffa quake flavour. I tried each and every flavour that’s currently out and I can safely say that they all tasted incredible.

My favorite was the hazel nutter spread, it tasted incredible. My second favorite was the white chocolate cookie spread, it had a rich white chocolate taste and didn’t have a cheap taste.

My third favorite was the jaffa quake flavor. It tasted exactly like jaffa cakes. And last but not least was the milk chocolate flavor. It didn’t blow me away, it was just a simple milk chocolate taste, that’s all.

Hazel Nutter

Check Price of the Hazel Nutter Spread

The hazel nutter spread was epic. When I ate it from the spoon, it tasted like Nutella.

It has little nut chunks in there which adds another dimension to the taste. I enjoyed it best on toasted bread with ripe bananas cut up on it.

Overall, it’s a solid spread with solid macros, nutrients, and calories.

White chocolate cookie

Check Price of the White chocolate cookie Spread

Even though the hazel nutter was my favorite, the white chocolate cookie was my favorite to eat straight from the tub.

I just kept eating and eating it. It really did taste like a high quality white chocolate cookie.

This also has little nuts in the spread which really adds to the flavor.

Jaffa Quake

What can I say about the jaffa quake flavor? It really did taste and smell like jaffa cakes.

As soon as you open the tub, you’re hit with the classic jaffa cake smell.

jaffa cakes
The smell of this spread reminded me of these bad boys.

It’s pretty much the jaffa cakes we all know and love in a spread form.

Milk Chocolate

Check Price of the Milk Chocolate Spread

The milk chocolate spread was OK. It wasn’t horrible, in fact, it was nice. But it’s not something to write home about.

The milk chocolate flavor tasted of simple milk chocolate. It was bland and boring.

Good amount of protein

Each spread has 7g of protein per a serving. And one serving is 33g, this isn’t a giant amount of spread considering the spread is fairly heavy. So you’re getting a good amount of protein per serving.

Low in sugar

It completely blew me away how little sugar the Greanade carb killa spreads contain. There’s only 1.8g of sugar per serving (33g). And if you look at something like Nutella, it has approximately 20g of sugar per 33g.

Gluten free

Being gluten free improves cholesterol levels, increases energy levels, improves your digestive health, and can fight off illnesses.

Variety of flavors

The Grenade carb killa spread comes in 5 flavors: hazel nutter, jaffaquake, milk chocolate, and white chocolate cookie. Each one of them is a delight and adds a lot of variety in your diet.

Easy to spread

I personally spread this on bread and bunch of my other favorite foods to eat. It was a delight, it made my foods taste a lot better and didn’t cause anything to rip.


So that was the Grenade carb killa spread review.

It’s an epic protein spread that tasted delicious.

Grenade carb killa spread review F.A.Q

Q: Is the grenade carb killa spread healthy
A: There’s only 1.8grams of sugar per serving and it’s gluten free. It’s not as healthy as an apple but it helps satisfy your cravings and not hinder your diet at the same time.

Q: Where can I get the grenade carb killa spread from?
A: You can purchase it safely on Amazon with 1 day shipping through this link.