Can You Dry Scoop Protein Powder? Is Eating Protein Powder Without Water or Milk Bad?

should you eat your protein powder straight from the tub

At some point we’ve all asked ourselves is eating protein powder without water or milk bad? Can you dry scoop protein powder? Is eating protein powder dry OK?? In this post, I will finally answer that question in-depth and lay to rest any questions you may have. Let’s keep it simple, eating protein powder without … Read more

Best Time to Take Mass Gainer Powder Shake for Best Results [Ultimate Guide]

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What is the best time to take a mass gainer? The best time to take a mass gainer is after a workout. You’re body is fatigues and it needs glycogen. The carbohydrates inside the mass gainer will help replenish your glycogen levels and the protein will help repair and build muscle For a more detailed … Read more