Top 9 Non Carbonated Energy Drinks

Are you looking for the very best non carbonated energy drinks? Well, you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what I’ll be going over. Carbonated drinks can make you feel gassy, bloated, and not very energetic. Most energy drinks are sparkling/fizzy and it’s hard to find the best ones.  In this post, I’ve … Read more

Is Cereal Good Before A Workout?

Yes, cereal can be good before a workout depending on which one you consume. Cereals contain a lot of carbohydrates which provide glycogen to the muscle. The glycogen fills the muscles and provides you with energy. Cereal is a fantastic way to get some quick carbohydrates into your system. Some of my favorites include: Rice … Read more

What Time Should I Take Pre Workout? Answered

You should take a pre workout 20 minutes before your workout. This is because the typical pre workout supplement recommends this time. However, not all pre workouts follow this, the best thing to do is read the label and see what the manufacturer recommends. After 1 hour of consuming your pre workout, you will have … Read more

How to Get Rid of Strong Chicken Taste | Guaranteed Results

To get rid of the strong chicken taste, make sure to wash it thoroughly, let the chicken marinate for 24 hours, marinate the chicken during the cooking process and after. Never let the chicken dry out, add spice and it’s worth changing your chicken supplier to see if that makes a difference. For a more … Read more

10 Easiest Ways to Bulk Up for Skinny Guys & Girls Naturally

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Maingaining – Everything You Need to Know

What is maingaining? Maingaining is the process of holding your current body fat percentage and gaining muscle at the same time. It is neither bulking nor cutting but slowly gaining muscle whilst reducing or maintaining your body fat percentage. It is best suited towards those happy with their current weight. Who is maingaining for? Maingaining … Read more

14 Best Cheap Bulking Meals [Easy Recipes]

Are you looking for cheap bulking meals? Well, you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what I’ll be covering in this post. As someone who’s been bodybuilding for years, I understand what it’s like having to cram all those calories down whilst still staying on budget. So, let’s get straight into this! Breakfast … Read more