6 Best Weight Gainers for Beginners (Skinny to Ripped!)

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Are you a skinny guy trying to gain muscle mass? Are you sick and tired of being skinny and want to be ripped and strong?

Well you’ve come to the right place because, in this post, I’ll be going over the the best weight gainers for beginners.

You’ll go from skinny to ripped sooner than you thought possible.

Let’s dive into the first weight gain method…

1. Mutant Mass Weight Gainer

Mutant Mass Weight Gainer

Over 1,100 calories per serving

how to get a bigger chest

If you’re trying to gain weight, you’re going to have to move the scales.

If your dream is to get big then you need to be moving the scales every month. If you’re not then your dreams will just stay dreams.

You’re going to have to deal with reality in order to achieve your dreams and goals. And the reality is, in order to put on weight, you have to consume more calories than you burn.

But here’s the problem…

…you have to stuff your face a lot of the time.

This is what I was doing when I was first starting my journey in gaining mass.

I was constantly chewing food to the point my jaw would constantly ache and I was miserable.

With the Mutant Mass Weight Gainer, you no longer have to do that anymore. You can just make your own little shake and actually enjoy putting on weight.

52g of protein per serving

Eating Protein Powder Without Water

I was shocked when I realised there was 52g of protein per serving. The servings are also a reasonable size.

Protein is the building block of muscle. Without protein, your body will not be able to create muscle.

So make sure you’re giving your body a sufficient amount of protein and it will grow.

If you want that rock solid hard muscle, make sure you’re getting enough protein.

It will help you recover and heal any cuts and bruises.

Delicious taste

delicious expression

The Mutant Mass Weight Gainer tastes delicious.

It truly is a joy to drink. Just put in your desired liquid such as water or milk and there you have it!

A healthy, calorie packed, and delicious weight gainer shake. You could even use this as a meal replacer.

There are 3 flavours this supplement comes in:

  • Chocolate fudge
  • Coconut cream
  • Cookies and cream

Each one is an absaloute joy to drink! You’ll happily be gaining weight.

Includes BCAAs

man with muscles

“BCAAs are the essential amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine, which comprise around 35% of your body’s muscle protein.

Quest Strawberries And Cream Protei...
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They’re “essential” because your body doesn’t make them on its own—you have to get them from food and workout supplements.” SOURCE

BCAAs are the building block of protein. Without them, your body will not be able to create protein and without protein, you will not be able to gain muscle.

Long story short, if you want to build muscle, consume BCAAs.

No hidden ingredients

Don’t you hate it when you realise the manufacturers were hiding ingredients from you?

The Mutant mass gainer lays it all out there for you to read.

The creators are proud to show off the ingredients they used with nothing to hide.


2. Potatoes and oats


After years of training and putting on size, potatoes and oats are my go-to foods when I’m serious about putting on size.

They’re packed with calories and are super healthy.

Potatoes and oats are super cheap. If you were broke, you could still afford a big bag of potatoes and oats.

They’re super easy to cook and taste great.

I personally like to mash my potatoes so I don’t have to chew as much. You can add things like cheese, sour cream, butter etc. to increase to taste and calorie count.

With oats, I like to add a mashed banana, hot milk, dried fruit and chocolate chips. This makes for a super delicious dessert.

3. Shot of oil

olive oil

One of the most underrated ways to put on size is to have a shot of oil.

This may sound a little crazy but hear me out…

…oil is packed with calories. In fact, it may be the most calorie compact whole food out there.

But isn’t drinking oil unhealthy?

Well that all depends…

…If you’re drinking the wrong kinds of oil then yeah, it will be unhealthy. If you’re consuming massive amounts of oil then yeah, it’s unhealthy.


Things like coconut oil and pure olive oil are actually healthy for you.

Coconut oil helps lower cholesterol, improve brain function, and kills viruses.

Olive oil also has similar benefits.

I would recommend taking a shot of oil in a small glass.

I only recommend this method if you’re seriously struggling to put on weight. 99% of people won’t need this method.

4. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

[Link to the product]

Bursting with calories, Serious Mass is a weight gainer that is for the hardcore athlete. This is perfect for anyone that has a hard time gaining mass and is looking to add some serious meat, each serving is packed with 1,250 calories! 

This is more than any other weight gainer out there (probably). If that isn’t enough, you can knock back over 1,500 calories per shake if you mix the powder with whole milk. There’s also 250g of carbs, 50g protein blend, 24 vitamins and minerals, 5g of fat, glutamine, and creatine. 

The protein blend is made with a combination of egg albumen, whey protein concentrate, sweet dairy whey, and calcium caseinate. Your body will always be fed the good stuff it needs thanks to the moderate-to-slow release of protein that this formula releases throughout your day. 

The carbs in this supplement come from maltodextrin and only 20g of this is derived from sugar. Serious Mass has the perfect ingredient formula to help your body get the gains that you want.

High Protein Content: A single serving has more than enough protein for any athlete that is working out in the gym and is perfect as a post-workout drink.

Calorie Replacement: This protein powder is great to help you gain the muscles that you want while at the same time avoiding excessive fat, great for any hard-gainer who has a hard time consuming the necessary amount of calories to see results.

Glutamine and Creatine: What’s great about serious mass is that it already has the necessary amounts of glutamine and creatine that you need to push your limits in the gym and recover when you’re done.


  • Clear energy increase
  • Quickly build muscle
  • Good taste
  • Great for anyone who wants a huge calorie boost


  • A lot more carbs than protein

5. Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer

[Link to the product]

It should come as no surprise that Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainers is a brand that many people trust. Each scoop of Pro Gainer will give you 650 calories, 85g of carbs with 7g coming from sugar, 8g of dietary fat, and 60g of total protein. 

With the right balance, this weight gainer can be used at any point of the day. This protein powder will help to give you the maximum blood glucose control with its 5g of dietary fiber. 

This supplement will help you to build the strength that you need while also building the lean muscle mass that you are looking for. In the Pro Gainer formula, you will find maltodextrin and Aminogen. 

Aminogen is a digestive enzyme that is relatively new and is useful during the bulking or weight gain phase to help your body absorb the nutrients, Maltodextrin is used as the primary source of carbs. 

Pro Gainer will work for you along your journey whether you’re looking to find the right supplement for your lean bulk, gain a healthy amount of body weight, or even become a bodybuilder.

High-Quality Protein: This supplement has everything that you need to help crush your goals to gain muscle. Included in the protein blend are hydrolyzed whey peptides, whey protein isolate, and glutamine peptides.

Recharge Energy: To power through your intense workouts, Pro Gainer will give you all the energy that you need. This will give you a better chance of building bigger and stronger muscles.

Vitamins and Minerals: We all know that gaining and maintaining lean muscle will take a long time to crush these goals. This is why Pro Gainer will give you the nutrition your body needs during this journey with its high levels of vitamins and minerals.


  • Low sugar
  • Low cholesterol
  • Low fat
  • Great tasting
  • Ideal ratio of protein to carbs


  • Not good if you retain water due to its high sodium

6. Body Fortress

[Link to the product]

The Body Fortress Protein Super Advanced Whey Protein is worth mentioning because of its combination of two unique types of whey protein, both isolate and concentrate forms. 

The formula used for this supplement contains all of the various amino acids to help encourage a solid rate of recovery after your workout, and build the highest possible levels of lean muscle. 

It’s important to note that this supplement has included an ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate, which will bring the best possible results. The blend used in this supplement promises a faster rate of absorption and ensures that the amino acids enter your muscles quickly after you finish your workout, helping your muscles to grow at a more rapid, desirable level.

Highly Effective: Thanks to its quick absorption you will easily build muscle. The amount of protein can help you to easily achieve your goals and recover quicker.

Lots of Protein: Each serving of Super Advanced Whey Protein has a whopping 60g of high-quality protein to help build muscle faster.


  • Gluten-free
  • Soy-free
  • Affordable
  • Mixes well


  • Some find it too sweet


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