3 Best Weight Gainer for Teenagers – {Quickly Put on Weight}

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As someone who’s recently turned 20 and has been building his physique all his teenage life by doing boxing and weight training for multiple years… …in this article, I’m going to be revealing the best weight gainer for teenagers.

I’ll be covering the best supplements for teens including both boys and girls. 

1. Best Overall – Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer

Check Price of the Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer

650 calories per serving

This gainer contains a whopping 650 calories per serving.

In that serving, there’s 60g of protein and 85g of carbohydrates. I like that this gainer splits the protein and carbs fairly well.

You’re getting the best of both worlds. There’s only 8g of fat per serving which isn’t a lot. It’s nice to know that your gains are coming in the right way.

Recover from workouts

ripped muscles

Recovering from your workout is almost as important as the workout itself.

If you’re not recovering from your workouts properly, you won’t gain any muscle mass and you won’t be able to have a great workout the next time you hit the gym.

This gainer is packed with protein. Protein is the building block for muscle growth, it will help you repair your sore muscles and build them up stronger.

Over my years of training, I found that when I didn’t have a lot of protein, I’d feel extremely sore.

When I started to consume a sufficient amount of protein, the very next day I felt little to no soreness in my muscles.

This was a major revelation for me since I would feel extremely sore every day due to boxing.

Meal replacer

Weight gainer as a meal replacement

Being a teenager can be hectic, you’ve got school, work, and a bunch of other things going on.

A meal replacer shake can really save you a lot of time.

It’s super easy to do!

Instead of having to cook from scratch to keep yourself healthy, you can just put 1 scoop of this gainer into water or milk, and BOOM!

There you have it, a healthy and high calorie meal you can take on the go and chug down.

Quality protein

The Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer contains only the most premium of protein like whey protein isolate.

What is whey protein isolate?

Whey protein isolate is one of the purest forms you can get your protein in.

You see, when a dairy factory is manufacturing products like milk or cheese, a liquid is left behind called “whey” This liquid is made up of mostly protein and there are some fats and carbohydrates left behind.

If that liquid is then processed to rid the fat and carbohydrates, it’s then called “whey isolate”. Making it pure protein


delicious expression

This gainer gives you the option of deciding from various amounts of flavors. Everybody knows that no matter how good a mass gainer/protein powder tastes, it gets sickly after a while.

With this gainer, you can switch up the flavor every time you decide to make a purchase.

Here are the flavors:

  • Banana
  • Double rich chocolate
  • Fruit punch
  • Peach Mango
  • Raspberry Lemonade
  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla
  • Unflavored


plate of fruit

Consuming vitamins and minerals is something many of us overlook and pay no attention to.

We’re so engrossed in seeing how much protein, carbs, and fat something has, we forget about other critical components.

Getting a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals into our body is critical to our health. You don’t want to be one of those people who has a great physique but not healthy.

You’ll be pleased to know that this gainer contains 22 different types of minerals and vitamins. Keeping your body clean and healthy.

Powder mixes effortlessly

water or milk

One of the most nightmarish things you can go through is having a powder that doesn’t mix.

It’s annoying and it ruins your day. You force yourself to drink it because you paid good money for it.

It sucks having that powder stuck in your teeth. It makes you look like a kid that just ate a lollipop with all the stains on your teeth.

You’ll be pleased to know that this weight gainer easily dissolves when it touches liquid.

Just mix it with a spoon for 20 seconds and there you have it! The perfect weight gainer shake.

What others are saying about the best weight gainer for teenagers…

The Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer has received an overwhelming amount of praise from customers.

People have been talking about how this gainer changed their life and finally helped them put on weight.

It was a pleasure for people to drink. It tastes great and contains a sufficient amount of protein.

There have been a few complaints about the measurements being incorrect. But I believe this has now been fixed.


60g protein, 85g carbs, and 7g fat per serving
31 vitamins and minerals
Tastes great
Easily dissolves into a liquid
Great meal replacer


There have been some complaints about the bag having a hole

2. Best Weight Gainer for Teenage Athletes – Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

Check Price of the Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass


It contains 50g of protein, 253g of carbs, and 4.5g of fat, making a total of 1,250 calories per serving. Making a great mass gainer supplement for young athletes. You’ll get 3g of creatine per serving. Creatine will help you add weight, increase your performance, and speeds up muscle growth.

There are 5 flavors to choose from:

Chocolate peanut butter

If you’re like me and don’t have much of an appetite, this is a great way to get your extra calories in a pleasurable way. You don’t have to hold your nose and chug it down. It’s a tasty weight gainer with multiple flavors to choose from.

It’s a great post workout meal to help get your energy up and recover thanks to the adequate protein amount.

Amino acids

This contains manganese which is an amino acid. This helps reduce inflammation, helps regulate blood sugar levels, can improve brain function, and contributes to your overall health. 

Easy to use

You can mix this with water, milk, almond milk, etc. and it will completely dissolve. Leaving you with a tasty, high calories shake that’s packed with nutrients and quality ingredients. 

If you’re like me you suffer from weight loss, even if you’re cramming your face full of calories. The Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass helps you easily consume those calories.


50g of protein, 253g of carbs, and 4.5g of fat, making a total of 1,250 calories per serving
Multiple delicious flavors to choose from
Popular with teenage athletes
Easy to consume
best weight gainer for teenage girls to help them get thick


A few people have mentioned that you may start disliking the flavor if you’re taking it multiple times a day for a long period of time.

3. Cheap – Homemade weight gainer shake


I don’t know about you but I didn’t have a lot of money as a teenager. I didn’t buy lots of supplements, only a few. Yes, purchasing a weight gaining supplement will make your life easier but if you haven’t got the money, what can you do?

Here’s how I like to make my homemade mass gainers…


Greek yogurt
Peanut butter
Frozen fruits

First, you’re going to pour in some oats with a little bit of water to help with the blending. I like to blend the oats first, otherwise, the shake will taste powdery.

After you’ve blended the oats, throw in all of the other ingredients. You decide how much is enough. Personally, I don’t add more than 2 bananas, I only add honey if the bananas aren’t ripe, and add milk instead of water because water does not have any calories.

If you’re looking to keep your fat low, don’t add peanut butter, replace the milk with almond milk, and use fat free yogurt.

I add a bunch of frozen berries to help mask the flavor. You can even add some spinach in there to get your vegetables and you won’t be able to taste it.

And there you have it, my homemade mass gainer shake that’s cheap for teenagers and easy to make.

5kg of oats will last you for months and will cost less than $10 dollars, maybe $5. All the ingredients are easy to get your hands on and don’t cost much.

Even though in the intro of this post I introduce myself as 20, today I am updating this post and I’m 22. I still use this exact mass gainer because I have not found anything better.

You know every ingredient that was used
Super healthy and contains lots of calories

Not very convenient


So those were the best weight gainers for teenagers. These mass gainer supplements are suitable for both boys and girls.

These shakes are packed with calories and you will gain weight as long as you’re consuming more calories than you burn.


Simple weight gainer
Super intense weight gainer
Rapid metabolism weight gainer