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If you’re anything like me then you love to stretch your money as far as it can go.

You love to get a bargain. Something that doesn’t cost much but is premium in quality.

In this post, I’ll be going over the best protein bars for the money. They’re called the thinkThin Protein Bars.

High in protein

how to get a bigger chest

So we all know that protein is the building block of muscle.

If you’re not consuming a sufficient amount of protein, you’re not going to build muscle. And if you’re building muscle, this is going to increase your strength.

And of course, muscle is going to make you look more aesthetically appealing.

By gaining muscle, you’ll be increasing your metabolism and burning fat.

Who doesn’t want that?

If you’re trying to get ripped, make sure you’re getting lots of protein into your system.

If you find yourself getting cuts, protein is going to help repair those injuries quicker.

Plant based

Complex Carbs

So we all know that plant based foods are healthier.

If your plate is constantly filled with meat, you’re eventually going to give yourself a heart attack.

(No, I’m not a vegan.)

You need a healthy balance in the foods you eat. Plant based foods can fight off heart attacks, cancer, and diabetes.

The bottom line is, plant based foods are linked to many health benefits.

Great to take on the go

This bar can very easily fit into your pocket.

If you ever feel hungry and find yourself reaching for the cookie jar, this bar will completely stop that habit.

You’ll be able to avoid bad foods by taking this around with you.

After you’ve completed an intense workout and need quick hitting protein, you can just use this bar to get the job done.


Low in sugar

sugar pinch

You’ll be pleased to know that there’s only 5g of sugar per bar and the sugar comes from stevia extract.

Stevia extract comes from a plant. Stevia can control blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure, and is good for your teeth.

Multiple delicious flavors

delicious expression

This plant based super protein bar comes in many delicious flavors such as:

  • Brownie Crunch
  • Caramel Fudge
  • Chocolate Fudge
  • Chocolate Strawberry
  • Chunky Peanut Butter
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Creamy Peanut Butter
  • Lemon Delight
  • Maple Almond
  • Plant Chocolate MInt
  • Plant Sea Salt Almond Chocolate
  • White Chocolate

You’ll never get bored with the flavors this bar provides. There are so many options, where on Earth do you start?

Users are saying that the brownie crunch flavor tastes delicious. In fact, they all do.

Gluten free

gluten free

Are you gluten intolerant? Do you not react well when you consume foods with gluten in them?

Well you’ll be pleased to know that this protein bar is gluten free.

If you don’t have an allergic reaction to gluten, consuming gluten free foods still have many benefits.

Being gluten free helps improve cholesterol levels, promotes digestive health, helps prevent viruses, and increases energy levels.

Soy free

Do you not react well to soy? Do you get an allergic reaction when you consume it?

You’ll be pleased to know that this protein bar caters to everyone and is soy free.



This protein bar is the best for the money.

You get all the things you could possibly want like a high amount of protein, delicious flavors, health benefits, and the list goes on.

You would think it pretty expensive but these protein bars are very affordable.


What customers are saying about the best protein bars for the money…

Customers are saying how great the protein bars taste. There’s no horrible after taste, it’s not overly sweet and is satisfying. One reviewer mentioned that it tastes like dessert.

People love the texture and satisfying crispness of the bars. They are not sicky sweet like some protein bars can be.

It comes with all the delicious flavors but none of the added sugars.

There were a few complaints which were that protein bars are coming in damaged. However, I believe the manufacturers have fixed this.


Best protein bars for the money F.A.Q

Q: Where can I get these from?
A: You can order them safely on Amazon through this link.

Q: Can this help me lose weight?
A: Absolutely! There are only 230 calories per bar. That not a whole lot of calories. You see, in order to lose weight, you have to consume fewer calories than your body needs in order for it to maintain its current weight.

If you’re trying to gain weight, you will have to consume more calories than your body needs to maintain its current weight.


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