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Are you trying to gain weight and put on muscle mass? Do you want something that will help you bulk easier, something that will assist you?

(Well I’ve got good news for you!)

In this post, I’ll be going over the best protein bars for bulking.

When you’re bulking, it’s a nightmare getting those calories down your throat. It feels like a never-ending struggle and vicious cycle.

It may be fun if you’re doing a dirty bulk but I would recommend against that. Engaging in dirty bulks will reduce the amount of muscle you put on.

You want to be able to consume as many calories with each bite you take and that’s exactly what this bar does.

310 calories


These protein bars contain 310 calories per serving.

That’s a lot of calories for a protein bar. After doing mountains of research, I couldn’t find any protein bars that went over 270 calories per serving.

This bar is going to help you get in a nice chunk of calories.

Calories, of course, is the bread and butter to any bulking regiment. Without a sufficient amount of calories, it’s not a bulk.

You NEED to consume enough calories in order to have a successful bulk.

You don’t want your cutting phase to suffer because you didn’t consume enough calories.

30g of protein

Eating Protein Powder Without Water

Protein is one of the most important factors in building muscle mass. It’s the building block of muscle.

Without it, you’re not going to be putting on any muscle.

You see, when you workout, you’re breaking down your muscle fibers.

Protein is going to help build them back up stronger, it’s going to help with the healing process. The Lean Body Protein Bar contains 30g of protein per bar.

That’s a lot of protein! In fact, more protein than your average protein shake.

When you’re bulking, you’re naturally going to be putting on some extra fat. I personally hate this aspect of the bulking phase. Protein can actually help burn fat.

When you’re at the gym, you want to be increasing in weight every month with your exercises.

Typically, the bigger you are, the more you can lift. When you’re increasing in strength, you know you’re increasing in size.

Protein is a very well known factor in helping you increase your strength.

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Earlier on, I talked about maintaining a clean bulk and healthy bulk. This can be very hard to do.

Well you’ll be pleased to know that protein can actually reduce your cravings for sugary foods. [1]

3 mouth watering flavors

delicious expression

This protein bar comes in 3 flavors:

  • Cookies Dough
  • Fudge Brownie
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

Each flavor tastes incredible! Whenever you feel yourself reaching for the cookie jar, this will help prevent you from it.


No artificial ingredients

natural way to gain weight

The Lean Body Protein Bar only contains natural ingredients.

There aren’t any artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners in here. Just pure, clean, healthy ingredients.

You can rest easy knowing that you’re fueling your body with clean energy and nutrients.


These bars are compact and you can take them with you on the go. Just put them in your pocket, bag or locker. It’s up to you.

Whenever you feel like you need a hit of protein but you’re in a rush, these bars can do the trick.

They’re the most convenient way to help with your calorie intake.

14g of fiber

There are so many health benefits of fiber such as improved cholesterol levels, maintaining a healthy bowel movement, improves digestion, and helps control blood sugar levels.

You’ll be pleased to know that there’s 14g of fiber per bar.

When you’re bulking, you’re most likely going to run into situations when you go to the toilet and there’s nothing there.

Fiber can actually help with your digestion and make sure your system is running optimally.

Gluten free

gluten free

Do you not react well to gluten? You’ll be pleased to know that this protein bar is completely free of any gluten.

Gluten is that gluey texture you get in foods like bread. It helps to hold the food together.

Even if you’re not gluten intolerant, you should consume gluten free foods because of the health benefits.

These health benefits include having improved cholesterol levels, better digestive health, helps prevent viruses and increases energy levels.

Contains Probiotics

Probiotics are live microorganisms that can be consumed through fermented foods or supplements.

Probiotics can help balance the healthy bacteria in your body, help prevent and treat diarrhoea, and can keep your heart healthy. [1]

What are customers saying about the best protein bars for bulking?

Customers are raving about how incredible these bars taste like they’re eating a cookie.

They love how nutritional it is and that it’s gluten free. It’s reasonably priced and they use it as a quick snack.

Something that can help add more calories to breakfast. Users are saying how this has the healthiest list of ingredients compared to other protein bars.

Overall, users love these protein bars.


Best protein bars for bulking F.A.Q

Q: Do I need these bars to put on weight?
A: In order to put on weight, you have to consume more calories than you burn, that’s the key. Even if you are taking these protein bars, you still have to make sure you’re consuming enough calories. You can’t just eat a couple of these and expect to put on weight. You have to eat during the rest of the day.

Q: How long does my bulking phase have to last?
A: That’s completely up to you. You can bulk for 6 months, 1 year or even 2 years. It all depends on your needs. When you’re happy with the amount of weight you’ve put on, you can then start the cutting phase.

If you’re a really skinny person like I was. Something like 5’10 and 140lbs. I would recommend bulking for 2 entire years and then consider cutting. But again, it’s totally up to you and your needs. Just don’t fall into the permanent bulk phase. Where you’re constantly shovelling your mouth full of food every single day.


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