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Are you looking for a clean pre workout that doesn’t give you any jitters, tingly feelings, or crashes?

Well you’re in luck because in this post I’m going to be revealing the best pre workout without crashing. Some people love the tingly feelings and jitters. That feeling where their brain is on fire. Well you’re not one of those nutters.

I hate it when you take a pre workout and you’re up until 5 am in the morning. Wondering what on Earth happened.

Sometimes I can’t understand the people who enjoy the feeling of a million ants biting on their face. Doesn’t it drive them crazy?

You’ll be pleased to know that there aren’t any tingling or jittering feelings with this pre workout and you still get a massive pump.

The best pre workout without crash is the Genius Pre Workout Powder. It contains Beta alanine, nitric oxide, and L citrulline malate which help to decrease muscle fatigue, contains antioxidants, and anti ageing properties, relaxes blood vessels, causing them to widen which will increase blood flow, lowers blood pressure, aids in fatigue, muscle weakness, and high blood pressure.

Here are the 3 best pre workouts that won’t make you crash:

1. Genius Pre Workout Powder

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Best ingredients

quality fiber

Many pre workout supplements claim to use premium and clean ingredients but when you research into that product, you find the exact opposite.

The supplement uses tested and studied ingredients for purity and potency. Using high quality branded suppliers to source their ingredients. You can trust this to look after your body and you won’t get any stomach pains or a foggy mind when using this.

Unfortunately, a lot of companies used artificial dyes and sweeteners in their products. This can cause inflammation, blurred cognition, and a host of other side effects. You’ll be pleased to know there are no dyes or artificial sweeteners used in this.

Strength and power

muscles pain

Unlock your strength and power with the amino acids Genius has included in their pre workout. This is going to give you an energy boost and help you get some insane pumps. Thanks to its clean ingredients, you’ll be able to get that mental focus and gain lean muscle mass in the process. 

If your goal is weight loss, building muscle and sustaining your workout can aid in fat loss.

Beta alanine is a non essential amino acid that is created naturally in the body. It helps decrease muscle fatigue, contains antioxidants, and anti ageing properties [1]. 

This contains nitric oxide. It relaxes blood vessels, causing them to widen which will increase blood flow and lower blood pressure [2]. This will help you get a pump more consistently and allow you to work out for longer.

Another great ingredient it contains is L citrulline malate which is great for aiding fatigue, muscle weakness, high blood pressure, and diabetes [3]. Giving you an overall performance boost.

Genius pre workout has created one of the best supplements the contain natural ingredients without any artificial ingredients.

2. Type Zero

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Stim free energy boost

aesthetic body

This pre workout is stimulant free. There’s no caffeine, sugar, or any ingredient that may make you crash. The ingredients are completely clean and toxin free. 

It contains L Arginine which helps to open blood vessels and increase blood circulation. It will increase muscle response and can increase muscle mass [4]. There’s citrulline malate which helps with muscle fatigue and muscle weakness.

Type Zero also contains beet powder which is a source of calcium, iron, and potassium. Helping you keep your body healthy and functioning properly. [4]

This is one of the best pre workouts that will give you a stimulant free boost. Something that won’t make you crash and keep you functioning for your long term health.

Keto friendly

There are no artificial sweeteners or sugary surprises in here. Instead, it’s sweetened by natural vegan ingredients like stevia. You’ll be pleased to know that this pre workout is manufactured here in the USA. Complying with all quality standards and going above them.

Amazing taste

This comes in a cherry limeade flavor which tastes amazing and is a pleasure to consume. 

3. Crush

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No crashing

You’ll be pleased to know that there’s no crashing with this pre workout. It’s been tested rigorously.

I haven’t seen a single person ever complain that there’s a crashing side effect.

This pre workout has been designed to give you energy and focus in the gym, free of any crashing.

The worst feeling in the world is when you’re on a high in the gym. You’re completely crushing your workout.

You feel like you’re going to wake up to an Arnold Schwarzenegger physique in no time.

the pump

But then you completely crash during or after your workout. I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me.

I just feel off and honestly, I feel kinda depressed. There’s some kind of weird feeling in my stomach.

Do you go through this when you have your pre workout?

Well it’s actually more common than you think.

This wasn’t happening to me at first but then a few months later, these depressing, depleting feelings started to kick in.

It was only when I stopped taking my pre workout that these feelings stopped.

You can rest easy knowing that you won’t get those weird feelings you take this pre workout.

Sufficient amount of caffeine

One of the things that can cause you to crash is consuming too much caffeine.

You’ll be pleased to know that this pre workout does not contain a lot of caffeine.

The creators behind this managed to find a sweet spot where you’ll get a big boost in energy and focus but no crashing.

You see, caffeine is kinda like sugar. When you consume a lot of it, you’re on a high but then you crash.

It’s important that you get an optimal amount of caffeine.

Sugar free

Another thing that plays a role in crashing is consuming too much sugar.

When I first got into working out, I would consume an energy drink on the way to the gym… …the energy drink was full of sugar and I thought this was a good thing because it would give me a boost in energy.

After 10 minutes of working out, I felt so tired and sleepy.

After I researched this problem, I found the crashing was because I consumed too much sugar.

You’ll be pleased to know that this pre workout is sugar free.

You won’t have to regulate how much sugar you’re getting from this supplement because there isn’t any!

No side effects

Because this pre workout is so clean and does not contain any toxic ingredients, it’s able to be free of any side effects.

You won’t get dizzy, feel sick, or get those tingly feelings when you take this.

Unlike other pre-workouts, you won’t get any tingly feelings, feel dizzy, or experience any crashing.

It’s just pure, clean energy that you’re getting into your system.

Fantastic taste

delicious expression

This pre workout comes in 4 flavors:

  • Citrus Sunrise
  • Lemonberry
  • Tropical Punch
  • Watermelon

Each flavor tastes fantastic and is a treat to drink. Every time you decide to work out, you’ll be excited to chug this down.

Users have been saying how they’re kinda addicted to this because it tastes so amazing.

It dissolves effortlessly in water and there isn’t any chalky or cardboard taste.

It’s packed with flavor and you’ll love drinking this.

Contains beetroot extract

beetroot extract

Beetroot is a very healthy vegetable that has many benefits.

Beetroot contains nutrients such as:

  • Iron Manganese
  • Phosphorus Magnesium
  • Vitamin B6
  • Folate
  • Vitamin C
  • Fiber

Banned substance tested

This pre workout has been tested thoroughly and there have been no banned substances found.

You see, a lot of supplements have labels that say things like, “Has not been substance tested”.

You want to stay away from these supplements as much as possible. In fact, whenever you see these types of labels you should literally run.

Gluten free

gluten free

Are you gluten intolerant?

Then you’ll be pleased to know that this pre workout is 100% gluten free.

HOWEVER… …even if you’re not gluten free, you’ll still get the benefits of a gluten free diet.

It improves your cholesterol levels, promotes digestive health, increases energy levels, and eliminates unhealthy parts of your food.

Soy free

Do you not react well to soy based food? You’re not alone.

The pre workout is focused on catering to everyone, even those with abnormal allergies.

This pre workout is soy free and you won’t get any weird side effects from it.

Made in the USA

So it’s no secret that cheap quality products are made in places like India and China.

They’re known to break easily and are not worth the money.

You’ll be pleased to know that all the pre workouts are manufactured here, in the USA!

This product is up to all the high quality standards that the USA provides.

What users have to say about the best pre workout without crashing…

Users have reported that they’ve never experienced any tingling sensations or crashes after taking this pre workout.

Users have been taking this for years and have said that it’s the best pre workout they’ve ever consumed.


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