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Do you crave those tingles when working out, that sensation going through your hands and face?

(It’s an amazing feeling, isn’t it?)

Some people hate the tingles but I personally can’t get enough of them. It just makes me feel so alive and like I’m getting an epic workout in.

After doing a bunch of research and trying out different pre workouts, I finally found the best pre workout for the tingles.

It’s called the Evlution Nutrition ENGN Pre workout. It’s been designed to give you that tingling sensation and get an epic pump.

What causes the tingling sensations in pre workout?

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There are 2 main ingredients which cause the tingling sensation in pre workouts:

  1. Beta alanine
  2. Niacin

Beta alanine is a non essential amino acid. Meaning your body can produce it without you having to consume food that will help give it to you.

Beta-alanine activates a specific type of receptor in certain skin neurons. Activation of these neurons causes the sensations of tingling

Niacin is a vitamin that is needed for energy metabolism. High doses of Niacin causes that tingling sensation. [1]

This is exactly what causes the tingling sensation in your pre workouts.

Contains beta alanine and niacin

As we went over, beta alanine and niacin are the main ingredients that cause the tingling sensation.

You’ll be pleased to know that the Evlution Nutrition ENGN Pre workout contains both of these ingredients.

There’s 35mg of niacin per serving and 1,600mg of beta alanine per serving. As you can see, there’s not too much or too little of these ingredients.

If you feel like you’re not getting the tingling sensation as much as you want, you could always increase the dose.


…if you’re having to increase the dosage it may be because your body is getting used to it.

So it would be better for you to lay off the pre workout for a week and then start using it again. I find that this has helped me a lot in maintaining the effectiveness of my pre workouts.

If you’re constantly taking pre workouts, you’re going to burn out your nervoutory system which will kill the effectiveness of pre workouts.

When you cycle through your pre workout, you consume it for one week and lay off it the following week…

…this is going to help maintain your sensisitity and stimulation to ingridients.

Contains creatine

Creatine is a natural supplement that helps boost your athletic performance.

It’s safe to use and one of the world’s most popular supplements out there. Creatine helps increase the intensity of your workouts.

You’ll gain strength, muscle mass, muscle endurance, resistance to fatigue, and improved recovery times.

Creatine is a proven way to speed up muscle growth and can increase your brain function. [2]


Vitamin b12 and b6


Vitamin b12 can give you an energy boost and really make your workouts more sustainable.

Vitamin b6 supports protein synthesis and metabolism. This means that you’ll build muscle faster and digest food better.

No crashing

So you’re getting an epic workout in at the gym but what good is it if you end up crashing?

Let’s say you workout early on in the day but you end up crashing.

That’s just going to ruin your entire day and you’re going to feel like crap. You’ll be pleased to know that there’s no crashing with this pre workout.

I personally used to take a pre workout which kinda made me feel depressed. Every time I took it, I would inevitably crash.

You can rest knowing that you won’t experience that kind of side effect with this pre workout.



The Evlution Nutrition ENGN Pre workout is affordable by all standards.

This pre workout won’t make your wallet cry out for mercy.

It’s affordable and will last you a while.

Tastes amazing

delicious expression

This pre workout comes in a watermelon flavor. Users have been saying how great it tastes and it’s just a joy to drink.

I mean… who doesn’t like watermelon?

You’ll be looking forward to taking your pre workout.

What users have to say about the best pre workout for tingles…

Users have been saying that this is the best pre workout they’ve ever tried.

When they finish a long, hard day at work, this pre workout gives them the energy to have a great workout.

It’s a highly effective supplement that will assist you in making gains in the gym. If you want those tingles and to get in a crazy workout, this is for you.

It provides good clean energy without any jitters, spazzes, or crashing.

This pre workout does everything it says on the box… provides enerygy!


Best pre workout for tingles F.A.Q

Q: Where can I get this from?
A: You can order from Amazon.

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