5 Best Pre Workout Drinks for Cardio: {All Natural Supplement}

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Are you looking for a pre workout drink which will help you improve your cardiovascular performance?

Do you really want to shock people when they see you run, box, cycle or any other cardiovascular exercise?

Well you’ve come to the right place, because in this post, I’ll be going over the best pre workout drink for cardio.

1. Beet Natural.

The Beet Natural is exactly what you need if you’re looking to take your cardio game to the next level.

Contains creatinol-o-phosphate

Creatinol-o-phosphate is used to treat irregular heartbeats and general cardiovascular problems.

This will be a key ingredient when you’re doing your cardio. It’s going to help you maintain a steady pace and work for longer without having major cardio problems.

Contains beta alanine

Burn fat at the same time as increasing muscles mass

Beta alanine is a non essential amino acid.

This means that your body can produce it by itself without having to use food to do it.

However, it’s good to add to your body to make sure you’ve got plenty of it.

You see, when you’re running, you can get that burning sensation, that’s because a certain acid is produced in your body.

With beta alanine, it’s going to help reduce that burning sensation.

Beta alanine also helps reduce muscle fatigue.

This is critical when doing cardio, whether you’re doing cardio by running, boxing, cycling or any other activity…

…this ingredient will help your body stop coming to fatigue as quickly as it normally would.

After having researched many pre workouts and trying so many, I found that beta alanine makes a big difference in your workouts.

It helps you push your limits and make steady progress.

You’ll be pleased to know that the Beet Natural pre workout has a sufficient amount of beta alanine and you’ll be able to reap the benefits from it.

All natural

natural way to gain weight

You’ll be pleased to know that there are no artificial flavors, artificial colors or artificial sweeteners in this pre workout.

It’s completely natural and healthy for you.

In a world where 99% of pre workouts are just stuffed with unhealthy, unnatural ingredients, the Beet Natural pre workout separates itself from the crowd.

By being completely natural, you’ll be able to improve your health and overall well-being.

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You’re getting nutrients into your body, you’re helping your skin and helping your digestive health.

Contains Beetroot


Beetroot has so many health benefits it’s unbelievable. Beetroot contains nutrients such as:

  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Phosphorus
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin B6
  • Folate
  • Vitamin C
  • Fiber

Your body will be able to circulate oxygen better, by traveling to one cell to another without any hindrance.

This will help treat fatigue. Studies have shown that people who are low in iron have less energy.

It helps regulate your blood pressure. Reducing heart attacks and strokes which can lead to death. [1]


Only 20 calories per serving

aesthetic body

If you’re watching what you eat, you’ll be pleased to know that the Beet Natural pre workout contains only 20 calories per serving.

That’s super low and you can use those calories on something else. If you’re on a cutting diet, each and every calorie counts.

2. Vintage Blast

[Link to the product]

If you’re looking for an all-natural supplement to supercharge your sessions at the gym, then Vintage Blast Pre Workout is definitely worth your time. This 2-stage formula will make sure that your body will receive the strength, endurance, energy, and focus to perform even the most grueling cardio session at the gym.

You can choose between 3 different flavors, Blueberry Lemonade, Peach Lemonade, and Smoked Pineapple, all of which taste great and are flavored naturally. 

You’ll also receive all of the key amino acids that your body needs and keep up with even the most motivated workout partners. Your body will gain a continuous delivery of energy to power you through your whole workout with its premium ingredients that are designed primarily to digest slower than others.

Taking Vintage blast so you can start strong and finish strong. With only 250 mg of caffeine, you won’t have to worry about the side effects that are associated with taking too much of it.

Amplified Hydration: Improve hydration during the most intense cardio sessions with Vintage Blast’s key electrolytes and micronutrients and also decreases oxidation.

Stimulation Help: Feel energetic throughout your cardio session with only a slight amount of caffeine.

Continuous Energy: Give your body all the energy it needs to help you through your workout without the crash.

Produces Results: Without creating any dependency, this supplement will increase your drive and mental focus, and your overall work capacity.

Testing You Can Trust: Exclusively premium ingredients that have been tested by a third party to be keto-friendly.

Vitamins and Minerals: Ensure that your body receives the necessary nutrients with no vitamin deficiency

No Banned Substances: This pre-workout can be used for any athletic event.


  • Decent overall dosing, good for testosterone
  • Two-stage caffeine release
  • High in citrulline
  • Clean energy without feeling fatigued and jittery
  • No artificial ingredients or colors


  • A bit expensive
  • Not good for people who hate sour tastes

3. Genius Pre Workout

[Link to the product]

These days it’s hard to come by a quality pre-workout nootropic. Side effects such as sleepiness may be exacerbated with other supplements because they contain stimulants.

However, Genius Pre Workout contains no stimulants so you can perform better during your cardio session without encountering any jitters, crashing, or insomnia. This supplement is designed to improve the performance of your exercises by increasing blood flow.

Genius Pre Workout has high doses of effective ingredients and also includes a few more unusual ingredients that provide a high level of focus.

This supplement is all-natural and backed by science for its efficiency. This is one of the best pre-workout supplements available on the market and will give you the energy that you need to absolutely crush all of your activities.

No Proprietary Blends: You can achieve better health with Genius Pre Workout when paired with a good exercise routine and a healthy diet.

Great Taste: This supplement is not sweetened with sucralose and is very well balanced and tastes exactly how you would expect it to.

Consistency: This doesn’t leave you with a clumpy drink or a gritty and chalky feeling in your mouth.

Ingredient Transparency: Genius Pre Workout allows you to see exactly what is used in their formula and how much it contains. Excellent if you are taking several supplements every day.

Energy: Quickly after using this supplement you will notice a very significant increase in your energy levels and doesn’t use caffeine. There’s also no crashing effect.


  • Very high doses of ingredients
  • Know exactly what is in this blend
  • Gives you a mental and physical boost
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Vegan friendly
  • Improves recovery times


  • You will only enjoy 20 servings for the best results

4. MoonBurst

[Link to the product]

MoonBurst Pre Workout is a clinically strengthened formula that is recommended to be taken with caution. This supplement will intensify your cardio workouts with energy, focus, and strength. Each serving has 10 grams of active ingredients.

Level Up: If you have reached a plateau and aren’t sure how you’re going to take your performance to the next level, MoonBurst delivers the epic energy and focus you need.

Designed For Everyone: Effective for all body types, fitness goals, and activities. The high-quality ingredients will help you beat your personal best.

Clean Ingredients: Give yourself the confidence to push through a long cardio session with an ideal fusion of ingredients to promote energy and focus.

Feel Good: You will feel better knowing that you are using a supplement that was third-party tested and not tested on animals with no banned ingredients.


  • Perfect amount of focus, kick, and caffeine
  • Doesn’t give you jitters
  • Long-lasting
  • Tastes great
  • Affordable


  • Clumpy

5. American Gym Warrior Wolverine

[Link to the product]

Warrior Wolverine is the ultimate pre-workout on the market today. This has been developed and produced to provide an effective and clean formula. It will enhance your performance physically without compromising your body.

Made with all-natural, quality ingredients that will work continuously to boost your focus, energy, endurance, and strength during your cardio session. Each ingredient in the pre-workout has been scientifically tested.

This pre-workout also has no GMOs or binders and is lactose and gluten-free. Warrior Wolverine utilizes the natural flavors of lemon and raspberry along with honey powder and stevia.

Energy: The ingredients in Warrior Wolverine support the production of energy to handle any mental and physical stressors.

Focus: Improve your cognition, alertness, and memory.

Strength: See noticeably increased muscle strength and mass. This supplement also helps to store energy in the muscles for an increase in power output and exercise performance.

Pump: Increase nitric oxide to increase the blood flow to your muscles easily with no crashing feeling.

Endurance: Feel less tired while also increasing muscle endurance and power. You will also see an increase in anaerobic running capacity.


  • No artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors
  • Free from caffeine and stimulants
  • Tastes great
  • Feel energized throughout your entire workout


  • You will have to increase the dosage when your body starts to get more comfortable

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