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I know for a fact it’s tough finding the best organic mass gainer on the market.

Constantly researching, watching videos and reading a ton of articles. Trying to find a high-quality organic weight gainer that won’t break the bank.

You’ll be pleased to know…

best organic mass gainer

I’ve done it! I’ve done all the tedious research for you and found an organic mass gainer that is suitable for you.

Allow me to introduce you to the MusclePharm Combat XL Mass Gainer.

Calorie compact servings

The macros and calories per serving with this mass gainer are incredible.

  • 50g protein
  • 252g carbohydrates
  • 7g fat
  • 1270 calories

As you can see by the serving details, it’s not going to be a chore anymore to put on that size you’ve always wanted.

This gainer contains a healthy combination of protein, carbs, and fats. Adding up to a whopping 1270 calories per a serving.

When you feel like you’re going to start bulking up, grabbing this mass gainer will help you put on that weight.


High-quality complex carbohydrates


Carbohydrates are one of the essential sources of energy for your body. In fact, they’re the main source of energy.

They help fuel your brain, kidneys, heart, muscles and central nervous system. [1]

Having carbohydrates in your diet is going to be a major factor when putting on weight.

Simple carbohydrates are things like cookies, cakes, soda, and pie. These foods are of course, bad for you.

Complex carbohydrates are foods like rice, oats, nuts, and whole grains.

These are essential foods for you to pack on those pounds.

Post workout recovery

man with muscles

Your post workout meal is critical to recovery.

After working out, your body is screaming for energy and nutrients.

You need to fuel them with the right foods to maximize the recovery.

If you’re not eating correctly after your workout, you may as well forget about improving your size and strength.

After your epic workout, you will notice your muscles shrink.

You need glycogen to pump them up, glycogen is found in carbohydrates. Which this mass gainer contains plenty of.

After I’ve worked out, I have a good pump going because I’ve been exercising. All the blood in my body has been rushing to certain muscles.

For example, on chest day I go in pretty damn hard. I work those pectorals to their limits.

And after the workout, I consume my mass gainer. This really helps fill up my muscles and make them look big.

And my muscles feel fuller when consuming my mass gainer.

Many delicious flavors

chocolate flavored weight gainer

There are 8 delicious flavors for you to choose from:

  • Chocolate peanut butter
  • Chocolate milk
  • Vanilla
  • Banana cream
  • Cookies ‘N Cream
  • Triple Berry
  • Cappuccino
  • Strawberry

You can make this your go-to mass gainer and never get bored with the varieties of flavors to choose from.

You see, there are many organic mass gainers out there which taste completely awful.

It sucks buying a supplement only to realize it tastes disgusting, but you force yourself to take it like medicine because you paid good money for it.

Don’t threat, all of the flavors from this supplement have received raving reviews. You can have the confidence knowing you’ve purchased an epic tasting weight gainer.

You’ll be craving to take this gainer and it won’t be a big chore putting food in your mouth.

And that’s one thing about mass gainers…

…people seem to think they have to taste nasty in order to work. When that simply isn’t the case anymore.

Sure, a couple of decades ago, mass gainers would taste absolutely horrible.


We live in the modern age and mass gainers are able to taste delicious.

Drinking weight gainers should be a treat, not a chore. And that’s the kind of mentality the creators behind this supplement had in mind.


MusclePharm Combat XL Mass Gainer comes in at an affordable price.

You won’t have to drain your wallet to get your hands on a weight gainer that actually works.

It’s affordable by all standards.

But what if you really don’t like it?

Then just send it back within 30 days and get your money back.

100% satisfaction is offered here.

satisfaction guaranteed


Gluten free

This mass gainer is gluten free. But what exactly does that mean?

Gluten free means you’ll have improved cholesterol levels, increased energy levels, and a better digestive health.

Do you suffer from allergies?

If so, many doctors recommend going with a gluten free diet and see if that helps you.

This can help you with your gluten free diet, without having to give up consuming a mass gainer.

Healthy Fats


Fat is an essential part of your diet and health to build muscle.

Having fat in your diet can actually help reduce the unnecessary fat you have. I know, it sounds counterproductive but it’s true.

I’m not talking about the kind of fat that you find in candy and donuts. I’m talking about the good types of fats.

It will reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

If you’re gluten intolerant, this is a great option for you.

What are users of the best organic mass gainer saying?

Looking at the Amazon reviews people have been talking about how premium it feels.

The packaging is matt and the shimmering green, makes it feel like a high-quality gainer.

People have been talking about the taste being extremely good… and the best supplement they have ever tasted.

Some people drink a lot of Red Bull to keep up with the heavy demands of their hard labor jobs…

…and being really sore after work.

After trying out this gainer they feel a lot more energized, no more sores, and no more need for a toxic Red Bulls.

This gainer is being used as a meal replacement and does not upset their stomach or have them run to the bathroom.

It’s an easy to digest weight gainer.

30 day money back guaranteeMoney back guarantee!

All customers get a 30-day money back guarantee. If you don’t like it for whatever reason…

No problem.

Go ahead and return the product and get all of your money back.

It really is that simple.

The only way this company is able to confidently tell people about this money back guarantee is because the product really works.

Best Organic Mass Gainer F.A.Q

Q: Where can I purchase the MusclePharm Combat XL Mass Gainer?

A: You can purchase it safely from Amazon here.

Q: Is this Gainer really worth it?

A: If the above review didn’t convince you that this product is worth your money then I don’t know what will convince you. People are swearing by this product, talking about how it helped them gain weight and recover from soreness. If you don’t like the product you can easily return it.


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