6 Best Mass Gainers for Hardgainers (How Skinny Guys Get Huge!)

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If you’re anything like me, then you know how hard it is to put on weight.

To build muscle, strength, and overall, confidence. It sucks seeing all those big guys at the gym. They don’t have to do much and BOOM! They’re gaining size.

It sucks having to consume so much food that it makes you sweat. It feels like your stomach is about to rip open…

…If only there was a better way. Well there is!

1. Body Fortress Super Advanced

Allow me to introduce you to the Body Fortress Super Advanced Mass Gainer. The best mass gainer for hardgainers.

If you’re struggling to put on size, this will assist you.

1000+ calories

Burn fat at the same time as increasing muscles mass

As a hardgainer, I struggled to put on size for many years. All throughout high school, I was puny.Despite boxing and lifting weights all the time.

When I started to force myself to eat, that’s when I started to notice my body change. I was growing out of my clothes and actually putting on weight.

In fact, I noticed the shirts that were one loose on me were actually pretty tight. Especially on my biceps. I noticed I was get leaner.

But there was one big one problem…

…I was getting sick of having to stuff my face full of food all the damn time. I was literally cramming food down my mouth all throughout the day.

When I discovered I could the mass gainer shake, it completely changed the game for me.

I could literally have breakfast (a bit of oats), something to eat in the afternoon (a bit of pizza) and something to eat at night.

Just by doing this I would still pack on pounds every week.

I just had my mass gainer sometime throughout the day and I could rest easy knowing that I was putting on size.

That I was gaining muscle and getting a lot stronger. My bench press score kept going up all the time. Even I was shocked.

I was shocked to find people were using the Body Fortress Super Advanced Mass Gainer to give to the elderly.

When their old loved ones had illnesses and were losing weight like crazy…

…they tried this mass gainer and found that it worked wonders. They enjoyed drinking this gainer and most importantly when they gained weight, it stayed on.


Gluten free

gluten free

Being gluten free is something that everyone should try. A gluten free diet help increase your energy levels, have a better digestive health, and cholesterol levels.

There’s no need to be gluten intolerant for you to reap the benefits of a gluten free diet.

Helps with recovery


If you’re not recovering from your workouts, what’s the point?

You won’t be making any progress. You see, when you workout, you’re tearing down your muscles fibers.

The recovery process comes into place to rebuild those muscle fibers and make them stronger.

There are many things that come into an effective recovery process and one of them is eating. You’ve got to eat in order to heal.

With this mass gainer, you’ll be able to get an adequate amount of calories into your body without having to even try.

The shake will go right down and it will be a pleasure…

There’s 40g of protein per 6 servings (the servings are small).

This makes recovering from your workouts much easier. You see, protein is the building block of muscles and this gainer has plenty of it.

Delicious flavors

delicious expression

There are 2 flavors that this mass gainer comes in: Chocolate and vanilla.

Everyone in the Amazon review section is saying how good this gainer tastes.

There’s no chalky flavor. The powder is easy to dissolve and it’s ultimately a pleasure to drink.

Value Size

Whenever we have to pull out our wallets, we’re always a little hesitant.

We want to know that we’re getting value for the thing we’re purchasing.

Well you’ll be pleased to know that value is exactly what you’ll be getting with the Body Fortress Super Advanced Mass Gainer. It’s a 4LB jar of awesomeness.

Filled with BCAAs


BCAAs help with muscle synthesis which is the process of creating muscle in your body.

They help with increased muscle growth, decreases soreness, and reduces fatigue.

Made in the USA

Whenever we see a product made in a place unlike the United States, we automatically assume it’s cheap and it sucks.

Places like China, India, and Taiwan are a breeding ground for poor quality products and that’s where most of them come from.

Well the Body Fortress Super Mass Gainer is made in the United States of America. It’s up to the best of standards and does not disappoint.

2. Authentic Mass Gainer

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Authentic Mass Gainer was formulated with the best ingredients to promote weight gain with clean carbs and enzymes to aid in digestion and absorption of nutrients for hard gainers. With Authentic Mass, you’ll only be taking premium ingredients in scientifically researched doses that have been tested rigorously before being sold in stores, you’ll cut out all the unnecessary sugars and cheap sweeteners, a perfect place to start!

Scientifically Formulated: Made with a comprehensive mix of whey protein, clean complex carbs, and MCTs. This gainer will create the most ideal anabolic environment and replenish muscle glycogen. This formula is also very easy on your stomach.

Clean Carbs and Perfectly Timed Digestion: With over 50g of clean carbs ranging from slow, medium, and fast digesting food sources. Every serving has 36g of whey protein and healthy fats for muscle building.

Complex Carbohydrates and High-Quality Protein in the Right Ratio: Best for building lean muscle mass and cutting fat from the body at the same time. Also a great source of energy for your daily activities.

Good Quality Compounds that Promote Lean Muscle Development: Maintain a healthy weight level while also building muscle. 


  • Incredibly easy to fully absorb
  • Has no added sugars
  • Promotes the recuperation and development of lean muscle


  • Can be too sweet for some

3. Massone Mass Gainer – Best Tasting

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A simple reason why it is so hard for some people to gain the mass that they are looking for is because they are burning more calories than they consume. A high-calorie protein like Massone Mass Gainer can fix that problem.

Balance of Protein: A well-thought protein blend of six different protein sources to meet your caloric intake requirements and keep your body growing.

Mixed Digestion Period: Delayed protein digestion will help your body absorb the amino acids that support muscle growth. Fast acting proteins to quickly start the repair of muscles after an intense workout. A perfect blend of maximum benefits for anyone having a hard time gaining mass.

Protein Blend with Minimal Sugar: Only 8 grams of sugar means you can lower the bad cholesterol in your system and cut out the fat.

Mass Gainer: With 720g of calories per serving, any hardgainer will reach their mass goals and required carb load with 130g of carbs per serving.


  • Tastes great
  • Mixes well
  • Fast gains


  • Artificial sweeteners

4. IRONVEGAN – Vegan

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Vegan bodybuilders are always on the lookout for that edge they need to gain the mass they want to see after all of their hard work and training. Like all Iron Vegan products, this mass gainer contains a long list of plant-based ingredients including organic greens, organic sea vegetables, fruit concentrates, sprouted whole grains, and plant oil. IRONVEGAN is here to save the day!

Organic: Made with natural, organic ingredients and perfect for athletes that have a sensitivity to gluten.

Carb to Protein Ratio: This mass gainer has a 2.85:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio and provides your body with 700 calories, 1g of sugar, and 13g of fiber per serving.

Plant-Based Protein: IRONVEGAN has 42g of non-GMO plant-based protein, perfect for any athlete on a plant diet.

High in Fiber Low in Sugar: Contains 12 g of fiber and only 1 g of sugar per serving.


  • Certified vegan, kosher, and gluten-free
  • Made with organic ingredients
  • Easy to digest
  • Tested for banned substances


  • Doesn’t blend well

5. Mass JYM

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Taking years to develop, Mass JYM is a high-quality mass gainer. Perfect for the hard-gaining athlete that needs to develop muscle, strength, and control over all of the nutrients they put in their bodies.

Patent Pending 1:1 Ratio: The fat blend of this mass gainer will give your muscles 30g of carbs and 30g of protein. Perfect for gaining lean muscle.

Growth Of Lean Muscle: Perfect for both men and women who need to build lean muscle and recoup quickly from their exercise routine. Also supports energy, natural strength, recovery, and endurance during your muscle gains.

Isolate Blend: Isolates contain a higher level of protein with less lactose and fat. Also digests easily in the body after a workout. This blend is considerably better for building muscle than regular whey protein isolate.

Multiple Uses: The blend of fast, medium, and slow protein digestion helps elevate your muscle protein synthesis for muscle rebuild. Not only is this a serious mass gainer for any athlete that is having a hard time building mass, but this is a great meal supplement when you’re on the go.


  • Great tasting
  • Mixes well even with water
  • High quality


  • A very small number said they had an allergic reaction

6. Gorilla Gulps – Gluten & Soy Free

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Anyone that has a sensitivity to gluten and soy can use Gorilla Gulps to build mass and stay in their vegan diets. Gorilla Gulps is an all-natural high calorie protein powder that’s also free of heavy metals, allergens, and microbes. No artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors. No added sugar!

Carbs That Are Easy To Digest: With the use of tapioca maltodextrin, Gorilla Gulps is quickly absorbed by the gut. This will reduce muscle breakdown and aid in recovery.

Great Mix of Vitamins: Gorilla Gulps has a complete amino acid profile with an excellent source of Iron, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B12.

Gains That Are Lean and Clean: Adds extra quality calories or can be used as a meal replacement. An adequate source of macronutrients, you can gain optimum growth for your muscles by maintaining the needed calorie surplus.

Cuts Down on Bloating: Made with a gut friendly formula containing carbs from tapioca and healthy fats that are found in olive oil.

Combination Of Plant-based Proteins: Made with a clean list of ingredients, contains no fillers or junk.


  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Source of vitamins and iron
  • No bloating


  • Higher priced compared to other vegan products


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