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Do you want a lunch box that’s easy to carry around and has plenty of space in?

Do you want to eat healthier and no longer run to fast food places like Burger King?

Are you trying to take your bodybuilding abilities to the next level?

Well you’ve come to the right place because, in this post, I’m going to be revealing the best lunch box for bodybuilders.

This lunch bag is by far the best out there, here’s why…

1. Meal prep lunch bag

Meal Prep Lunch Bag

Plenty of room

As bodybuilders, we have to eat a lot of food. Sometimes it can get a little sickening but that’s just the way it is.

You’ll be pleased to know that this bag has more than enough room to store your food even if you’re the Incredible Hulk.

Specific measurements: 16.5″ L x 7″ W x 10.6″ H overall; 9″ x 7″ x 9.8″ inside

There’s plenty of room to put 4+ meals in, drink, and even cutlery. There are also zippered pockets for you to put bit and bobs in.

You no longer have to carry a bunch of separate bags or one big bag that keeps bumping into everything.

No one wants to look like a crazy homeless person carrying a bunch of bags around with them all the time.

This lunch box is compact and big enough to fit all your food in.

Thick insulation

Meal Prep Lunch Bag insulation

If you’re worried about keeping your food cool and fresh, you’ll be pleased to know that this bag has thick insulation.

With a bag being insulated, it’s going to hold the temperature of your food. Heat won’t be able to leave.

Let’s say you’ve thrown in a couple of cold drinks into the bag. Even if you were to leave this bag alone for well over 8 hours, your drinks will still be cool.


Because the insulated padding will hold the temperature.

Now let’s say you put hot food in the bag and take it out hours later, the food will still hold at hot to reasonable temperatures you originally left the food at.

Having a well insulated bag can either make or break a lunch box for bodybuilders.

The insulation will hold the temperature for whichever item you put in there. Whether that’s some chilled drink and fresh fruits or warmer foods.


Tell me if this has ever happened to you before, you accidentally didn’t screw the lid on and now there’s stuff leaking out of the bag and all over the place.

I heard someone didn’t screw the lid on their drink and it started to leak through their bag and onto their car seat.

Do you know which car they had?

Quest Strawberries And Cream Protei...
Quest Strawberries And Cream Protein Powder Review - My Honest Opinion

A freaking Bentley! Now that’s an expensive mistake.

You’ll be pleased to know that this lunch box is leakproof.

If you ever forget to put the lid on properly, you can rest easy knowing that the bag won’t leak.

This is a major lifesaver for bodybuilders since it’s only a matter of time before their usual bag starts to leak.

Easily washable

washing machine

This bag is easy to wash.

Let’s say you accidentally leave some residue around your tupperware and that ends up getting on the bag.

You can easily wipe away the stains with a hot towel. Just give the bad boy a good wipe down and there you have it!

The bag is as good as new and looking fresh.

Comes with a FREE 22-oz. shaker


This lunch box comes with a free shaker. It’s not your normal shaker… Not at all.

This shaker allows you to hold 20oz of any liquid which is plenty.

The shaker also comes with 3 handy compartments at the bottom which are unscrewable.

It can hold things like your protein powders as well as any other supplement like vitamins.

Now that’s what I call a shaker!

Includes 3 FREE reusable containers (Microwave & Freezer safe)

This lunch box comes with 3 reusable containers.

These containers have plenty of room in, are sturdy, and leakproof. If that wasn’t enough, they’re also microwaveable and freezers safe.

So you can freeze your food without having to worry about the box cracking. And you can heat it up in the microwave without fear of it melting.

Include 2 FREE reusable ice packs

This bag includes 2 reusable ice packs. Adding another layer to the protection and freshness of your food.

If the insulation wasn’t enough, you can absolutely make sure that your food stays cool by putting in these ice packs.

You simply can’t go wrong with this lunch box.

Premium holding straps

Your bag may be a little heavy depending on how densely you packed it is.

You’ll be pleased to know that there’s an adjustable, padded carrying strap to make your time with this bag comfortable.

There’s also a sturdy carrying handle in case you don’t feel like using the strap.

Lifetime guarantee

If the above sounds too good to be true, you’ll be pleased to know that this lunch box has a lifetime guarantee.

The makers behind this incredible lunch bag are so confident with the quality, they’ve offered a lifetime guarantee.

If there’s something wrong with this bag, you can trade it for another one or just get your money back.



Now that you’ve seen all the incredible benefits of this lunch box and how it’s the one for you.

You may be thinking it’s expensive.

You’ll actually be quite shocked to see how affordable this incredible lunch box really is. It comes in at a very affordable price.

2. Real Nature Portable Oven

[Link to the product]

This is a nifty lunch box that comes with a built-in oven. It can even cook it, if you give it enough time. It’s an ideal choice if you drive to your gym: just plug it in into your car charger and it’ll keep your food warm or even cook it.

If you have a frozen meal, then it needs 2-3 hours to warm it up, but if the meals are prepared already, then it will warm them up fairly quickly.

Its 11 x 9 x 4 inch size is big enough to fit in a decent meal for your pre or post-workout needs. This is a perfect solution for the gym-goers, who need to drive to their gym, but you can also use it without the heating element if you’re on foot.

Easy To Cary: Equipped with a comfortable shoulder strap and a soft handle makes it easy to bring anywhere with you.

Temperature Control System: This automatic heat control system will make it easy to not worry about your food getting burnt.

Cook or Warm Your Food: Just plug it in and this bag will reheat any leftovers and cook raw food! Most meals can be warmed up in approximately 2-3 hours.

Made With Poly-Canvas Material: Built to last, the material used to make this oven is durable and strong. It’s also made with an aluminum lining for insulation, patented film material, and superior PE foam to keep the heat inside.


  • Made of a durable tear-free material;
  • Keeps your food warm, even when it’s unplugged;
  • Slow-cook your food as you drive from work to the gym;
  • Has many inner compartments to keep utensils, napkins, etc.


  • The heater can only be plugged into a 12v car charger, if you have a 24v charger, then it will end up ruining the heater;
  • The heating function only works while plugged into your car charger, you can’t plug it into a regular electricity jack;
  • Food containers are not included.

3. Prep Naturals Store Meal Prep Bag

[Link to the product]

The Prep Naturals bag is an ideal all-day solution. It is a well insulated bag, comes with two ice packs as well as a shaker bottle, so if you’re still hungry, you can get a protein shake after you work out. Most importantly, it has three reusable containers that will fit inside, so you can have food for after your workout as well as snacks and other goodies.

The bag is big enough to fit those three containers, while the side pocket is perfect to keep your drinks cold. One thing to remember for all insulated lunch bags is if you leave it out in the sun, it will heat up fairly quickly, so it’s perfect for a gym workout, but if you’re doing an outside session, make sure to put the bag in the shade.

Full Set of Accessories Included: This bag set comes with one shaker bottle, three plastic containers with lids, and three ice packs. Ready to go whenever you are.

Comfortable Straps: The included shoulder strap is padded to provide a maximum level of comfort while on the move.

User-friendly: Not only does the main compartment hold three containers easily, but this bag also includes a large side pocket to fit the included shaker. There is also a custom designed pocket on the top to hold the ice packs and two mesh side pockets.

Well insulated: The insulated interior will keep cold food cold and hot food hot for longer. While also being very easy to clean in case there are any spills.


  • Great quality-price offer, as you get an all-in-one solution;
  • Keeps food insulated at the right temperature;
  • Very lightweight;
  • Three microwave/freezer-safe food containers included;
  • Padded shoulder strap to ensure a comfortable fit.


  • The seams are not extremely durable if you carry heavier food. Users have reported the handle coming off;
  • Made of cheap material.

4. Carhartt Deluxe

[Link to the product]

The Carhartt Deluxe is an extremely durable bag that comes with a water repellant, so you can take it with you into wind or storm. It’s the perfect solution for those that spend a lot of time outdoors. It is also very spacious: big enough to keep a 6-pack of beer in it, which means you can carry several meals for the day inside it.

The materials on this are top-notch: YKK zippers, metal hardware and triple-needle stitching. This means the bag will last you a long time and you can use it in the gym as well as for camping trips or picnics. While brand is not everything, Carhartt is a well-established brand, so you can trust this maker and the bag is covered by Carhartt’s limited lifetime warranty.

Thoughtfully Made Design: The large compartment is big enough to easily hold a travel coffee mug when packed correctly, and you’ll still feel comfortable moving around without spilling anything.

Durable Material: Just like every Carhartt product, this lunch bag does not skimp on the strong and durable fabric. You won’t have to worry about the weight of what you are carrying inside thanks to the triple-needle stitching, which means that this bag can take a beating.

Well Insulated: The main compartment is large enough to hold all the food you need for your day, while the insulated top compartment can hold your smaller items.

Easy And Comfortable to Carry: The shoulder strap and top handle feature strong and durable zippers, which are also triple-stitched. Making it easy to carry around with you and not have to worry about breaking the bag.


  • Extremely durable;
  • Has enough space to fit at least two meals and a snack inside it;
  • Made with high quality materials;
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Lined with waterproof insulation


  • While the bag is durable, the walls are quite thin, which means the insulation is not as good as it could be.
  • The strap is not adjustable, so if it’s not a good fit for you, it might not be a comfortable fit.

5. FlowFly Adult Lunch Bag

[Link to the product]

The FlowFly bag is a well-insulated bag with lots of compartments to organise your meals. The double-decker design means you can keep one cold meal and one warm meal, so you’re covered on all fronts. The design is very ergonomic which makes it easy and comfortable to carry around for the entire day.

This makes it a perfect bag to take to the office, have a meal there and then take the bag to the gym with a good post-workout meal/snack. The bag comes in lots of different designs, so it’s perfect for men, women and even teenagers.


  • Has several compartments to keep food and food items organised;
  • The double-decker design allows to keep food at different temperatures;
  • An ideal size to keep lots of food, but not bulky, so it won’t take up all your space and will easily fit in your locker;
  • A very affordable solution.


  • As with most light-weight bags, this bag easily collapses on itself, but if you have containers inside, they’ll add the stiffness needed;

6. FlowFly

[Link to the product]

This FlowFly bag is made of an extremely durable material that will serve you for years. The lining is food-grade PEVA material, which means your food will be kept warm or cold for hours. It also comes with lots of compartments, so that you could keep utensils and condiments neatly organised.

The side pocket will fit a water bottle or personal belongings. It comes with a comfort-grip handle as well as a shoulder strap, so it’ll be easy to carry around with you no matter how you travel.


  • Durable bag that won’t easily break;
  • Food-grade PEVA material to keep your food insulated and at the right temperature;
  • Ideal size to keep food for the entire day, even when you throw in a couple of ice packs.


  • The zippers are not of the best quality, so be careful not to fill the bag to the top, or it might be hard to close the zipper, which can lead to it breaking;
  • The mesh side pockets are also not the most durable.